Eli Roth’s Be Mine: A VR Valentine’s Slasher Sounds Interesting

Eli Roth’s Be Mine: A VR Valentine’s Slasher Sounds Interesting
Eli Roth’s Be Mine: A VR Valentine’s Slasher Sounds Interesting

credit: Be Mine

Eli Roth’s Be Mine: A VR Valentine’s Slasher sounds interesting. The story sounds like something that’s been seen before. But the immersive, 360-degree VR experience sounds intriguing. The idea of taking part in an experience such as this is likely going to be fun. 

The story is a simple one. A young woman named Becca holds a Valentine’s Day party to sort out who the stalker in the Cupid mask is that’s been following her. The party is a front to figure out who the stalker is, but it’s bound to be a bloodbath. That’s what fans of Roth’s are expecting, at least. 

Roth is known for his ability to direct a great horror movie. But he’s also known for creating stories that are gratuitous in their violence. That’s another reason why people tend to like his movies so much.  This is the guy that created Hostel, after all. 

The level of horror is likely going to satisfy a lot of fans since Valentine’s Day is one of several holidays that are great for horror movies. The VR experience is only going to add to the overall enjoyment. Imagine being able to be in a horror movie while it’s happening. 

Eli Roth’s Be Mine: A VR Valentine’s Slasher Sounds Interesting

credit: Be Mine

Peyton List will star in this experience

Peyton has taken on several roles over the years. One of her most recent was as Tory in the Netflix show Cobra Kai. over the years since she hit the scene, Peyton has managed to impress people with one show after another. Her time spent in front of the fans has made her a favorite of many. 

Being able to get into a VR experience like this is a great deal of fun and is not Eli Roth’s first attempt at this type of storytelling. Plenty of horror fans tend to enjoy one story after another, depending on who writes it. But being able to get into it in this manner is intriguing. 

Seeing things in a 360-degree manner is definitely a new vantage point for moviegoers, but then again, so is experiencing a movie in Meta since this is Roth’s second project working with Meta. It’s fair to say that it’s best experienced by individuals, though. 

The feature can be seen on Facebook and Instagram as well 

Looking back just a decade or so, it feels amazing to state that this is possible. The technology needed for this experience wasn’t possible a while ago but using it to show a story like this is interesting since it gives one the idea that things will continue to change. Movies are nothing new, but how people experience them is continuing to change. 

It does feel that, eventually, this will be another way to eliminate certain practices that are still popular. But as of now, it still feels that this technology is not going to surge forward. Not only does it appear to still be limited, but it’s also still kind of expensive to purchase the equipment. One day this might be a popular method, but for now, it’s kind of a luxury. 

Eli Roth’s Be Mine: A VR Valentine’s Slasher Sounds Interesting

credit: Be Mine

A killer with a bow and arrow isn’t new, but it’s still unique

In all the horror movies, a bow and arrow isn’t exactly the most advanced weapon, and it’s not even the most brutal. But for a Valentine’s-themed horror movie, it’s better since the whole Cupid angle makes it work. Admittedly, it’s not such a great weapon for close-quarters fighting or killing. But in the spirit of going over the top in a horror movie, it’s a weapon that does give people pause. 

Plenty of horror movies have made use of weapons that were not conventional for the time or the plot. But a bow and arrow do fit the theme of the movie. There’s something terrifying about not seeing or hearing an arrow coming at someone until it’s too late. A knife or an axe doesn’t really hold a candle to that. Of course, every weapon used in a horror movie is usually terrifying in its own way. 

With Roth making use of the implement in his writing, it gets even better. 

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to use for horror

Think of all the jilted lovers, the stalkers that are waiting in the wings, and anyone who feels that their heart has been broken. This holiday is one of the few that lends itself well to horror movies. The idea of romantic movies turning into horror movies isn’t too far-fetched. 

People tend to swing wide of the neutral mark when it comes to love, which is why romance can turn to horror so easily. Either Roth has noticed this and decided to cash in on it, or he’s following others that have figured out the link. Either way, it sounds like an entertaining story. 

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