Why Did Anthony Anderson Leave Law & Order?

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Anthony Anderson is a renowned actor, and he was a fan favorite on shows like Law & Order. When he chose to leave the show, however, his fans were shocked. He’s also a comedian, so it was only natural he’d leave a dramatic show to make time for some comedies, and his fans appreciate his range and depth. When he played Detective Kevin Bernard, he was great in Law & Order, but his fans want to know the answer to the question: Why did Anthony Anderson leave Law & Order?

Was There Drama on the Set?

It’s always where everyone’s mind goes, but it certainly is not the case here. Did Anthony Anderson leave Law & Order because of drama on the set or with his former co-stars? No, he did not. He left for a much different reason – he wanted to make other shows. He spent a lot of time on the set of this show. Over the course of its history, he was there for more than 60 episodes, which is a lot. He loved it, but he had to take time to do what his heart was telling him to do.

What’s so much fun for him is that he was part of the show when it began. When the show first aired in 2008, he was the original cast. He was there until 2010, and that’s when he bailed. However, he did go back in 2021, and it was a great move for him. Now his fans are even more curious when he chose to leave a show that is still so successful and has such a massive fan base.

Why Did Anthony Anderson Leave Law & Order?

Anthony Anderson’s reason for leaving the show he spent so much time on was all about his own future. He wanted to do more things that were his. Anderson did not create the show he was on at the time, but he had a few stellar ideas for some shows he might want to be part of. Black-ish was one of them, and look what kind of success that turned into.

Credit: @anthonyanderson

“I wanted to go off and create more shows like Black-ish, create things I have ownership in, and do something a little bit different,” he said in an interview in 2022. It is not that anything was happening he didn’t like. He was in a good place. He was acting in a show he enjoyed, but he wanted to do more with his career. Anderson wanted to create, and he didn’t want to stop at just acting in shows that other people created. He had a plan, and he had the bravery to go for it.

Anthony Anderson Recently Bid Adieu to Black-Ish

His hit show aired its final season in 2022, and it was a bittersweet moment for the actor and creator. The show was a massive success, and the fan base it created was a big one. He made a lot of friends and memories on this show, and each of his costars enjoyed their time working with him. Anderson said they’re already ignoring his calls, though, now that the show is over.

When he discussed the end of what amounts to nearly a decade of his life on this show, he had this to say. “Nobody cares. I just realized once the show is over, my phone is just gonna stop ringing. Nobody cares. I’m trying to keep the group text alive, but nobody responded. So, I’ve moved on.” He’s only joking, though, as the entire cast is so close. They all spent nine years of their lives working together, and you don’t forget that kind of hard work and dedication.

Credit: @anthonyanderson

Each of his friends and former costars from the show will move on and take on other roles, but they will remain friends. A lot goes into making a show that reaches the Black-Ish level of success. You don’t reach that level of success without working well together. Their friendships and relationships are bound to continue for a long time, and we would not be surprised if Anderson ends up creating something new and has some of his former costars working with him on those projects. One thing is certain: this group works so well together they could make anything a raging success. It’s our hope they choose to work together again on a later project. While it’s unlikely, they’ll all come together in one project, seeing them working together here and there will suffice. This is a cast that’s just so good together.

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