Who is Tom Hopper’s Lovely Wife, Laura?

Who is Tom Hopper’s Lovely Wife, Laura?
Who is Tom Hopper’s Lovely Wife, Laura?

Credit: @tom.hopperhops

Tom Hopper is famous for his role in the hit show Umbrella Academy, but it’s the 37-year-old actor’s beautiful wife the world wants to know more about. Who is Tom Hopper’s wife, and what is she like? He’s been in the public eye since 2007 after taking on the main role on the BBC show Merlin. However, when he joined the Game of Thrones cast in the seventh season, his name became synonymous with success. Being cast in Umbrella Academy in 2019 changed the game for him, and his entire life became public interest. Now we want to know the answer to the question who is Tom Hopper’s wife? Here is everything we’ve learned about Laura Hopper.

She is Formerly Laura Higgins

She’s an actress. Laura Higgins is a woman who works in the same industry as her husband. She goes by her married name now, so she’s Laura Hopper, and she’s worked on projects such as Hollyoaks and Doctors. Before she took up acting as a job, however, she trained for it. She was part of the Arts Educational School in London first. Following her time there, she moved to California so she could work on her training at the Lee Strasberg Institute. Her studies clearly helped her take on the role of a successful actress, and it does show.

Tom Hopper’s Wife Works With Him On Occasion

Laura Hopper is an actress. Tom Hopper is an actor. They work together on occasion, too. It’s cool to star in a project alongside your spouse, and they’ve done this more than once. In fact, they’ve starred in Black Sails together. She’s also worked with him in Love in the Villa. They have a fun relationship when it comes to their work, but it’s their marriage at home that works for them more privately.

Who is Tom Hopper’s Lovely Wife, Laura?

Credit: @tom.hopperhops

When Did Tom Hopper Meet His Wife?

Tom Hopper’s wife was at a party when she met her future husband. They both attended the same event in 2009, which you might call fate. They were so excited to meet and have been together ever since. Was it love at first sight? We don’t know, but we do know that they spent their time together making great things happen. They were married in 2014.

Does Tom Hopper’s Wife Have Kids?

She does. She and her husband share two little ones. Their daughter is Truly Rose, and their son is Freddie, and they are darling. Their parenting journey is something they are quite open about, and it’s been eye-opening for other people in the same situation. Freddie, their little boy, was diagnosed as nonverbal as well as autistic. Rather than retreat into their own private lives and leave it at that, the couple has spoken out about their journey. This has been such a relief for others going through the same new diagnosis with their own kids, and it’s been a sort of helpful situation as people learn to navigate these waters.

Tom and Laura Hopper Want to Help Other Families

“We thought, we’ve got to do this for the parents that are going through this, so they don’t feel alone. Because it can be a very lonely time. You have to trust each other and the journey. The right things will happen eventually, but it doesn’t happen overnight. My son has autism, and he amazes me every day. His brain works in a different way,” said Tom Hopper of their son’s autism and their way of handling a situation that is not so common.

Their goal is to share what they go through with the rest of the world. They are aware that their own journey might not help every single person on the same path, but even helping one person is amazing. This couple knows the value of having someone to work with, confide in, and go through this with them. They know the loneliness and the sadness, the heartbreak, and the beautiful joys that go along with raising kids, and they are sharing.

Who is Tom Hopper’s Lovely Wife, Laura?

Credit: @tom.hopperhops

You Can Follow them Online

Not only does this family share their personal lives online via their social media accounts, but they also have a family vlog. They share their story on their YouTube Channel, The Hopper Family. It’s important for them to know that no one is going through anything alone, and we love this. Raising kids, in general, can be such a difficult place on occasion. Having someone to watch, to go through it, and to remind you that you are not alone is so important.

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