10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kira Simurina

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kira Simurina

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kira Simurina

The world cannot get enough of the hottest new TikTok stars. Every single time you think there is not enough room in the internet world for one more teenager to become famous for posting videos that make little sense and aren’t that entertaining if you’re older than 35, you are mistaken. There is always room for internet fame, and people like Kira Simurina are finding that is true all the time. She is yet another young woman who found that her own ideas on the internet are beloved by millions, and she is using that to her own advantage every chance she gets.

1. She is Young

Kira Sumurina is young. She’s a lot younger than many of her own counterparts, but that has not stopped her from making a career for herself on the internet. She knows what she wants from life, and she’s chasing that with passion. She was born on May 18, 2004, and she is only 17 at the moment.

2. She is Russian

Another interesting fact about this young woman is that she is Russian. Most cannot tell by looking at her, and they are quick to assume she’s your everyday California surfer girl with her blonde hair. It’s such a common misconception so many people have.

3. She is All About Beauty

What brought her to fame is her love of fashion and beauty. She has a deep passion for both, and she is always looking to share new fashion concepts and ideas, and she always has a new beauty tip or hack to share with her fans. That’s why so many people tune in to her videos and her TikToks. They want to see her make things beautiful.

4. She Enjoys Comedy

If you thought this teen was only about fashion and beauty, though, you’d be mistaken. She is also a huge fan of comedy. She films herself doing funny things and making people laugh, and her fans are eating it up. She might be young, but she has a big personality and she is humorous. This might be why millions of people follow along.

5. She Began on Instagram

The common way things happen in the world of kids going famous on TikTok is simple. They post a video or clip, it goes viral, people begin following, and suddenly they are TikTok famous. Now, however, she is breaking that mold. She is a young woman who is changing it up. She actually began influencing on Instagram, and then she came to TikTok and brought along her big fanbase with her when she made the move.

6. She Has a Huge Following

On just TikTok, she has more than 11 million followers. It is a huge number, and she has hundreds of millions of likes on her work. It’s clear to us that her fans love anything she does, and they are coming back for more even if they have no idea what is next or how things will work.

7. She is Very Private

Being that she is still a child who has yet to turn into a legal adult, we get it. She cannot share too much about her own life because it’s just not safe to do so. It isn’t safe to share too many personal details when you are not a famous face, but it’s even more dangerous when millions of people across the world are familiar with you.

8. Her Instagram is Private

What we love about this young woman is that she keeps her Instagram profile set on private. You need to request to follow her and wait for approval. She has approximately 350k followers on the app, but she doesn’t share every little detail of her life with anyone. She keeps things private, and that is all.

9. She Stays out of Trouble

When you’re a young star on social media who is often linked to other stars on social media, you sometimes find yourself embroiled in drama that you don’t want to be involved in. This young woman keeps her life very clean, and she doesn’t get involved in any drama with people her own age. She’s good at keeping to herself, and that’s a positive.

10. She’s Influencing

At the moment, she works with different brands and collaborates with different businesses to earn a living. She can charge them a lot of money to post their clothing, accessories, or other items because she does have such a large and impressive following. Right now, she’s doing well, but we imagine she has plans to take things even further.

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