10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chan-Young Yoon

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chan-Young Yoon

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chan-Young Yoon

When it comes to child actors, many either make it or they break it. So many young stars cannot handle the stress of being in the public eye for so many years, and they fall apart as they get a little older. Others end their careers on a high note and go on to have a successful life outside of the industry as adults. Some continue to make movies, music, and everything in between from the time they are little until they are old and have raised their own families, and no one knows where any particular star will end up on this spectrum. However, Yoon Chan-Young seems to be making the transition from child star to adult star without any issues. Here is everything you need to know about this young actor.

1. He is Korean

Chan was born in South Korea, and he has spent his life there so far. At the moment, he lives and works there, and we have no idea if he has any plans on leaving. He is still so young that we think he has time to decide. He was born on April 25, 2001, so he is still only 20.

2. He’s on Netflix

When you see his face, you recognize his name from the Netflix series, “All of Us Are Dead,” and that is all you need to know about him. He hit it big with this one, and fans are becoming more prevalent with each new viewer. This might be the project that changed the game for this young actor.

3. He is Under Fire

When he was only around 15, he participated in making a list of girls in his school that rank them on certain things. This list is coming to light all over again in the early months of 2022 and he’s being called a misogynist for ranking girls based on their looks. Perhaps he should have just kept those thoughts in his head rather than writing them down, but it doesn’t seem like something pretty much every teenage boy and girl has done at least once in their life. I’m pretty sure I did this myself in the third grade when I was trying to decide which of two boys I was going to ‘date’ and making pros and cons list about them, and their looks were included as were their grades, their favorite television shows, their backpacks, their lunchboxes, etc. Perhaps he was just a teenage boy with no concept of what he was doing other than what he thought was a harmless list. Kids make mistakes, and they learn from them as they grow up. It’s why we all have childhood moments we look back on that make us cringe – we just didn’t know better. It’s unfair to assume a child who makes mistakes is a bad person simply because they’ve yet to learn a hard lesson. Let’s all keep that in mind before crucifying children.

4. He is Diverse

Despite his young age, he’s already played so many different characters with so many different stories, and he’s done well with each one of them. He’s had the chance to be the kind of actor who gets to try on characters for size. He’s made it clear he can take on anything.

5. He Has Great Chemistry With His Netflix Cast

He might be among the youngest of the stars of his new show, but he is the one with the most work behind him. He has the most experience, but he also has a way with his cast. They all seem to get alone well, they are working well together, and they are making a hit.

6. He is a Graduate

At the age of 20, he’s already a college graduate. He attended courses at Hanyang University. While we do not know what he studied while he was there, it’s safe to assume he either got an early start on his education or he was able to do what many kids in the states do and duel-enroll so that he could graduate from high school with his AA.

7. He is Very Private

Though he has been in the public eye for many years, he is a man who is quite private. We have no doubt much of that has to do with the fac that he was a minor child when he began his career as an actor, which means his parents and his agents likely worked hard to keep his life as private as possible.

8. He is Not Married

Of this, we are certain. However, we do not know if he happens to be dating anyone right now. If he is, he is keeping his private dating life to himself. He’s still so young, though, that it is easy to assume he is likely dating someone casually or even not at all right now. He’s been working so hard, he might not have time for that kind of personal life.

9. He is Appreciative

One thing is certain about this young actor. He is grateful for the chances he’s had to make his career so big at such a young age. He appreciates the actors and actresses he’s been able to work with because he’s learned from each of them, and that only helps him grow as an actor.

10. He is So Professional

It seems that he is very much the consummate professional on the set. He works hard, he does not goof off too much, and he gets along well with the people on set. These are all great qualities to have when you are in this line of work.

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