10 Things You Didn’t Know about Greg Grippo

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Greg Grippo

In the world of competitive dating shows like The Bachelorette, getting off to a strong start is incredibly important. Greg Grippo definitely kept this in mind on the night he met Katie Thurston. The two hit it off almost instantly, and it was obvious that they were both feeling the sparks. Greg ended up earning the first impression rose, and even many of the viewers agreed that it was a solid choice. Although making a good first impression doesn’t always mean that something will happen in the long run, Greg can at least rest assured that he’s on Katie’s radar and he definitely has a leg up on several of the other men. Keep reading to learn 10 things about Greg Grippo.

1. He Lives In New Jersey

There are a lot of contestants from the west coast on this season of The Bachelorette, but Greg Grippo isn’t one of them. He’s a proud New Jersey resident who appears to have lived there all of his life. That being said, his east coast roots could end up being a challenge if he and Katie move forward because she lives on the other side of the country in Seattle.

2. He Was A College Athlete

There have been plenty of people who have folded under the pressure of being on The Bachelorette, however, that shouldn’t be a problem for Greg. He’s certainly no stranger to competition. He spent three years playing college basketball at Saint Michael’s College.

3. He’s Very Close To His Family

For lots of people, dating someone who is family-oriented is a must. If that’s true for Katie, she can rest assured that Greg is truly a family man. He has very close relationships with his loved ones. He spends a lot of time with his family and they’ve been a strong support system for him.

4. He Has A Large Instagram Following

Being on The Bachelorette is usually followed by an increased number of social media followers, and that appears to be the case for Greg. Although we don’t know how many Instagram followers he had before the show, we know that he has more than 63,000 now. That number will likely increase even more as the season continues.

5. He Isn’t Afraid To Show His Soft Side

In society, men are often shamed for wanting to be vulnerable and share their emotions, but Greg doesn’t subscribe to any of that stuff. He’s the type of guy that isn’t afraid to open up and show his loving and romantic sides. This will probably make him even more attractive in Katie’s eyes.

6. He Likes To Hang Out By The Water

New Jersey only has warm weather for a few months out of the year and Greg has learned how to make the most of it. When the weather is nice, you can usually catch Greg outside enjoying it. He loves to go swimming and boating. He also loves to just relax outside and soak up some sun.

7. He Participated In Blackout Tuesday

In the summer of 2020, Greg participated in Blackout Tuesday, a virtual show of solidarity to end racism and police brutality. From what we know about Katie, she tends to be pretty liberal so there’s a good chance she shares his stance on these issues. Since we know that several other contestants tend to be more conservative, this is another area where Greg could beat the competition.

8. He Was Originally Supposed To Be On Season 16 Of The Bachelorette

If Greg’s name looks/sounds familiar to you, it could be because it was getting floating around prior to season 16. Apparently, Greg was supposed to be a cast member on that season but he didn’t make it all the way through the selection process although there’s no information as to why.

9. He Works For A Staffing Agency

Since graduating from college, Greg has been working hard to build his career. According to his LinkedIn profile, he worked in marketing before transitioning to a new field in 2020. He currently works as an account manager for a staffing agency called Mondo. He has been working there for a little less than a year.

10. He’s 28

Some may think age is nothing more than a number, but when discussing The Bachelorette, it’s important to add age to the equation. This season, there are men in their early 20s all the way up to men in their mid-30s. At 28-years-old, Greg is essentially in the middle. Katie is 30 and seems like she will probably choose someone who is closer to her age over someone in their early 20s.

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