Who is Lena Headey? 5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Actress

Who is Lena Headey? 5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Actress

With most of the world in awe and on the edge of their seats, it was hard to let go of an electrifying TV series like Game of Thrones. Amongst several others, one character that undoubtedly stood out was Cersei Lannister. In retrospect, it isn’t easy to imagine someone else embodying the character as Lena Headey did.

While there’s no doubt she became famous with the GOT franchise, there’s a lot more about Lena Headey that is not generally known.

She’s not a new face on TV


credit: Gunpowder Milkshake

Lena Headey is a face you’ve probably seen if you’ve been a fan of Hollywood movies for a long time. She’s been in movies in more than thirty TV shows and movies combined with over 20 years in the game before she became the world-renowned Cersei Lannister.

Although she played Emily Goodman in 1991 Spender (just two episodes), her first full movie Waterland was released in 1992. In the movie, Headey plays the role of Young Mary.

She has played significant roles in some notable movies

Lena Headey

credit: 300: Rise of an Empire

Do any of these character names ring a bell? Angelika, Queen Gorgo, Sarah Connor, Mary Sandin, Scarlet, and Gypsy Moon. These are all the characters Lena Headey played before and after she became a famous face on the screen.

She played Angelika in 2005 The Brothers Grimm and Queen Gorgo in the 2007 movie 300 & its 2014 sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire. She also played Sarah Connor in 31 episodes of 2008 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Mary Sandin in the first 2013 The Purge. Then, Scarlet in 2021, Gunpowder Milkshake, Gypsy Moon in 2022, and 9 Bullets movie.

As a bonus, Lena Headey played the role of Katherine Brydon in the 1994 Jungle Book movie. It’s a role many didn’t recognize her in until she became a famous face. In the movie, Mowgli had to contend with Capt. Boone to get Kitty’s attention and save Monkey City’s treasures.

The Peter Dinklage connection

Tyrion and Cersei

credit: Game of Thrones

As far as Hollywood goes, talent can only get game, but as an unknown player in the industry, the proper connection can set you apart. This holds for Lena Headey. If we cannot deny the impact the Game of Thrones had on her career, we certainly cannot ignore how she got the role.

When Game of Thrones casting producers were looking for actors to fill roles, Peter Dinklage suggested her name to them. Although Lena’s character would hates Peter’s character for most of the series’ season, it turns out their good friends in the real world.

Still, kudos to Lena Headey for accepting the role and not backing out of the project at its early production stages.

The death of Cersei Lannister

Cersei Lannister

credit: Game of Thrones

While many are hopeful that the recent House of the Dragon may eclipse the spellbinding nature of Game of Thrones, we cannot remotely downplay GOT’s success. When a TV series has a large fan following, it’s often expected that its finale will be met with mixed reactions.

Even Lena Headey was not happy with the way Cersei Lannister was killed. Having played the character for eight long seasons, it’s understandable that Lena Headey would have grown attached to it. However, with all of the power and glory that Cersei Lannister carried throughout the movie, being killed by falling bricks was a mockery to the character.

On this one, we’re firmly behind Lena Headey’s displeasure. Cersei Lannister deserved a better death, even if it wasn’t an honorable one (anything other than falling bricks).

Her cut role in MCU’s Thor: Love and Thunder


credit: Gunpowder Milkshake

A quick look at the old cast list of MCU’s Thor: Love and Thunder, Lena Headey’s name appears with a fellow GOT co-star and friend, Peter Dinklage. So, it came as a surprise to many after the movie was released to realize Lena Headey’s scenes were cut during editing.

Lana Headey’s fans would have loved seeing her debut in MCU’s franchise, but they would have to wait and see. For reasons best known to director Taika Waititi, scenes she featured in didn’t fit too well into the movie.

If there’s any consolation, Lena Headey is now a face to be reckoned with in Hollywood, especially in fantasy and fiction. We believe she’ll do brilliantly in any sci-fi role, considering the versatility of roles she has played in the past.

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