10 Things You Didn’t Know about Braxton Bjerken

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Braxton Bjerken

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Braxton Bjerken

Braxton Bjerken is only in his early teens, but he’s already taken the entertainment industry by storm. Since making his on-screen debut in 2018, he has worked his way up to bigger and better opportunities. Along the way, he has gotten to work alongside some of the industry’s most talented people. Most will recognize him for his role as Kenny in the TV series Good Girls. In 2022, he also had a part in the Netflix original movie The Adam Project which stars Ryan Reynolds. Braxton plans to keep the ball rolling with a role in an upcoming movie called Southern Gospel. Unfortunately, though, the movie’s release date has not yet been announced. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Braxton Bjerken.

1. He’s From Georgia

Many of the details of Braxton’s personal life have been kept out of the spotlight. More than likely, this is due to his age. However, something we do know about him is that he is originally from the Atlanta area. That said, we weren’t able to find any information on whether he still lives there.

2. He Loves A Good Adventure

Due to his career, there are lots of things about Braxton’s life that are much different from other kids his age. However, one thing that remains the same is the fact that he loves to have fun. He is always up for a good adventure and he enjoys doing things like boating and flipping.

3. He’s Close to His Family

There are lots of parents out there who cringe at the thought of their child wanting to start a career in entertainment. But that isn’t the case for Braxton. His parents seem to be very supportive of his acting journey and they appear to have very close relationships.

4. He Plays The Drums

If you thought acting was Braxton’s only talent, you might want to think again. Braxton is also very skilled in the music department. He loves playing the drums and it’s one of his favorite things to do when he isn’t working. At the moment, it doesn’t appear that he has any plans to pursue music as anything other than a hobby.

5. He’s Done Some Voice Work

As of now, Braxton doesn’t have any official voice acting credits. However, it looks like that won’t always be the case. In an Instagram post in 2019, he revealed that had just finished recording a voiceover reel. As his career goes, it’ll be interesting to see what kinds of voice projects he decides to take on.

6. He Has A YouTube Channel

Braxton’s professional acting jobs aren’t the only time he likes to be in front of the camera. He is also a YouTuber whose channel has more than 6,300 subscribers as well as nearly 500,000 total views. His content includes vlogs as well as clips from his acting projects.

7. He Isn’t the Only Well-Known Person in His Family

Apparently, being a star is something that runs in the Bjerken family. Braxton’s siblings have also made quite the name for themselves on the internet. His sister, Blakely, is a YouTuber whose channel has more than 100,000 subscribers. His brother, Sterling, is also a YouTuber and his channel has nearly 6,000 subscribers.

8. He Has Theater Experience

Most people who are familiar with Braxton know him from the work he’s done in TV shows and movies. However, like lots of other talented actors before him, Braxton also has a special place in his heart for the stage. He has been in several theater productions over the years and it’s something that he really enjoys doing. While there’s lots of excitement associated with being in front of the camera, many actors feel like nothing can quite compare to performing in front of people.

9. He Enjoys Traveling

Working in the entertainment business comes with lots of perks, and one of them is usually the chance to see the world. Braxton has gotten the opportunity to do a good amount of traveling both in and out of the United States. Some of the countries he’s been to include Canada and the Czech Republic. As his career continues to grow, he’ll be able to add even more destinations to the list of places he’s been.

10. He Loves Dogs

Anyone who has ever had a dog would agree that over time they become much more than pets. Dogs play an important role in many families and having one can be a life-changing experience. Several photos on Braxton’s Instagram profile reveal that he is a dog person. However, it’s unclear if he has a pet of his own.

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