How Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey Found Their Way to One Another

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Kaley Cuoco made a name for herself, starring alongside John Ritter and Katey Segal in the popular sitcom 8 Simple Rules. However, she became a household name and a bona fide star when she began starring on the biggest sitcom of our generation – The Big Bang Theory. Her professional life is filled with successes, but her personal life hasn’t been quite as successful. She’s been married twice, divorced twice, engaged several times, and always ends up at the end of a serious relationship, wondering when she might finally meet her own Mr. Right. We don’t know if Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey will end up married or together forever, but we know that they are dating, expecting their first baby, and are more than a little excited about it. Here’s what we know about Kaley Cuoco, Tom Pelphrey, and the road that led them to this special place.

Kaley Cuoco’s Failed Relationships Led her to Tom Pelphrey

While working on The Big Bang Theory, she and actor Johnny Galecki kept their romance private for nearly two years. They broke up in 2009, but they remained good friends even then. By the fall of 2011, she’d met and become engaged to a man named Josh Resnick, but they’d never make it down the aisle. They were done by the spring of 2012. By the summer of 2013, she met professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting. They dated three months prior to their engagement, and they were married on New Year’s Eve, 2013. By September 2015, they were headed for divorce, which was finalized in the spring of 2016.

Kaley Cuoco met Karl Cook – a professional equestrian – at the end of 2016. He asked her to marry him on her 32nd birthday (November 30, 2017), and their wedding was on June 30, 2018. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t last. They announced their separation in the fall of 2021, and their divorce was finalized in June 2022. However, 2022 is when Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey met. They began dating in May, and they were announcing their pregnancy by October.

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Who is Tom Pelphrey?

He’s an actor. Tom Pelphrey is most famous for his role as Ben in Ozark, but it’s not the only role he’s had in his long career. He was born on July 28, 1982, and he began working in 2004 when he was only 22. He began with a career in the daytime soap industry, and he made a name for himself on shows such as Guiding Light. His career took off when he began taking guest roles on hit primetime shows and then landed a few movie roles. Ozark changed the game for him, and it shows. As far as we know, Tom Pelphrey has never been married, has no public relationship, and has no kids.

Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey are Having a Daughter

We know very little about where they are in their pregnancy other than Cuoco has a full bump on display. We’d imagine they are close to their third trimester – if not already in it – following an October announcement. Most couples wait until their baby is at least 12 weeks in the gestational stage. They also knew the gender of their baby at the time.

“It’s a crazy time for them but they’re truly so excited. Kaley knows this is the right person. She can’t wait to become a mother. They’ve had so much love and support since the announcement,” is what someone close to the couple said following their announcement. It also seems true, as Cuoco has shared numerous times that her boyfriend is already in dad mode. She loves every second of this pregnancy and the time that it’s given her to reflect and think about the goodness in her life.

Credit: @kaleycuoco

Tom Pelphrey Loves What He Does

He’s not a man who likes to speak out often or much about his private life, but he is always happy to share his thoughts on his professional life. He is a man who really feels compelled to take on roles that are gritty and dark, and it shows. “I’m sort of more drawn to that and maybe it’s just more what I feel like is in my wheelhouse. God that was an amazing character,” he said of his character on the Netflix show Ozark. “That was a really special, special character to get to play and talk about getting luck and all the things falling into place. Ozark was one of those jobs where all that happened. It will always hold this special place in my heart. Very grateful for that experience,” said Pelphrey. He knows what he wants, and he knows what works for him.

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