10 Things You Didn’t Know about Indy Santos

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Indy Santos

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Indy Santos

When Indy Santos signed up to be part of a reality television show, she knew she’d have a little less privacy. She knew that the world would want to know more about her, and she’d like to know that she’s sharing enough while also keeping to herself. She’s part of the Big Brother cast now, and she will forever be someone the world remembers. The only thing you need to know about her is that she is here to win, but we know a few more things about her.

1. She is in Her 30s

The one thing people want to know about Indy Santos is how old she is. She’s not very old, so a lot of people will have guessed it – but some won’t. She’s 31 as of 2022, but we aren’t certain of her precise date of birth. She either turned 31 in 2022 or she has yet to turn 32 this year. Her age is only approximate.

2. She is From Brazil

She was born and raised in Brazil. She’s a Brazilian beauty if ever there was one, and it shows. She’s native to her own country, but she is well-versed when it comes to traveling the world and seeing the many cities, sites, and locations she’s always wanted to see.

3. She’s Living in LA

These days, she calls Los Angeles home. We are not certain when she moved to the states, but it might have been to film this show or to live after she was done. She might be based here for work, too, but we simply don’t know. She’s someone who keeps to herself.

4. She Has a Very Cool Job

When she’s not busy being a reality star, she has a cool day job. She’s a flight attendant. However, she’s not just a flight attendant for any airline. She works only on private jets, which is a different situation all together. She does big things, and that works for her. We don’t know any private flight attendants, so that’s cool.

5. She Believes in her Faith

Some of the best advice she’s received in her life is to simply do her best but to stop worrying about everything else and leave it all up to God. She seems to have her head on correctly, and it is working for her at this moment. She’s got a lot going for her, and her faith is a huge part of all of that.

6. She Doesn’t Care What People Think

Something we truly love about his beautiful blonde is that she’s not worried about how anyone else feels about her. She’s only worried about how she feels about herself. She’s of the opinion it is nothing more than a waste of time to sit back and worry about how other people perceive her, and we could not agree more.

7. She is Not into Lazy People

Her life is all about being proactive and working hard, and she hasn’t the time to focus on lazy people. In fact, they are her least favorite people. People who aren’t doing their best or doing what they need to be doing are not her favorite. She’s sure that she can win this show if there are any lazy people involved. She’s not one of them, and that is her edge.

8. She is Straightforward

If you are not into people who know what they like, what they want, and how they want it, please move on. She is someone who is all about what she wants and how she wants it, and she’s not going to turn it down for anyone. She’s self-confident, self-assured, and she is not holding back.

9. She Has a Plan

If you want to know how she plans on winning, stay tuned. She has a plan, and she is sure of her own execution. She’s got this, and she wants her new fans to know they don’t have to worry about her or what she’s doing to win.

10. She Does Enjoy Her Privacy

When it comes to her personal life, you better believe she’s someone who is into her privacy. She might be into the reality television world now, but she’s not someone who is willing to give up her own privacy and the way she’s living her own life simply because it is what someone else wants. She’s a private woman, and that is all that matters to her. She knows this, and she wants people to know that this is the truth about her.

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