10 Things You Don’t Know About Eva Longoria

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Eva Longoria began her career as a beauty queen, but she didn’t settle for a career on stage. She knew she was made for more, and her first Texas title was the thing that led her forward in her career. From there, she began starring on daytime television. Daytime took her to primetime, and primetime took her to the movies. Many know her as a Desperate Housewife, but she’s so much more than the role that made her a household name. She’s a star, and here’s what we know about her.

1. She’s in Her 40s

Eva Longoria looks amazing, and it’s because she takes good care of herself. She was born on March 15, 1975, in a small town in Texas. Her family is from Corpus Christi, which is where she got her start in the entertainment industry.

2. Eva Longoria is from a Large Family

When she was growing up with her mother and father in Texas, she was one of four kids. She is the youngest – the baby of the family, if you will. What’s fun for her mom and dad is that all four of their kids are girls. She grew up with three older sisters, which was a fun experience for her.

Credit: @evalongoria

3. Working as A Teen Taught Her Work Ethic

Being part of a Mexican-American family, she learned quickly that if she wanted to earn money for her own quinceanera, she had to get a job and work for it. She took a job working at a fast-food restaurant called Wendy’s, and she learned a lot from her time there. Surprisingly, she spent three years working at Wendy’s, and it helped her learn a lot. She learned the value of a job well done. She’s taken what she learned from that job and applied it to work she does today.

4. She Began a Business

Eva Longoria is the proud owner and creator of a cookware line that she recently launched. It’s called Risa Cookware, and it’s available for purchase on Amazon. She uses them every day in her own kitchen, which is what allowed her to create the idea of a fun new line of cookware. She enjoys being in the kitchen, and a good set of pots and pans are essential to her.

5. You Might Be Surprised What She Doesn’t Use in the Kitchen

Being the kind of woman who enjoys her time in the kitchen, she’s someone who has a lot of opinions. However, it’s not that she doesn’t like to use everything in them; it’s just that she does not. She does not regularly use things like her dishwasher or microwave. It’s not that she doesn’t like them. She simply doesn’t find the need to use them.

6. Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez are Close

When Eva Longoria decided to leave her second husband – basketball player Tony Parker – after only a few years of marriage, she told the world they could not work it out in their marriage. She was a huge television star, he was a famous NBA player, and it seemed reasonable that their schedules were just too different to make a marriage work. However, it was to her close friend Mario Lopez that Longoria confided the truth. Her husband was cheating on her, and she found hundreds of inappropriate text messages in his phone – they were from his own teammate’s wife.

7. She Found Love on a Blind Date

This is precisely how my husband and I found it almost 22 years ago – on a blind date. Friends set her up with Jose Baston Patino. He was – at the time – the president of Televisa. They fell in love in 2015, and their relationship is going strong. They were married in 2016.

8. She’s a Proud Mother

A year after her wedding to her third and final husband, she announced she was pregnant with her first child. Eva Longoria is the proud mother of a little boy in 2018, and she is obsessed with being his mother. She’s a proud mom, and her husband is a proud father, and they spend ample time together.

9. Home is Not Where Her Heart Is, But it Kind of Is

Home is where the heart is, is the old saying. However, there is a different meaning in her eyes. Home is where the heart is for Eva Longoria, but her heart is her husband and her son. They all work in different places, so they do travel a lot. They have two main home bases in Mexico City and in Los Angeles, but their home is where her family is located. If her husband and her son are there, that is where she is home.

Credit: @evalongoria

10. She Laughs About Her Bedtime Routine

Now that she’s closing in on 50. Eva Longoria laughs about her nighttime routine compared to what it was in the past. Instead of being out at night and focusing on getting to bed before the sun comes up, she’s got a long skincare routine. She takes supplements. Eva bathes and reads stories to her son. She double and triple-checks the door locks. She watches the cameras. Longoria does all the things that adults do when they grow up and have all the responsibilities – and she loves it.

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