Five Reasons There Should Not be a “Desperate Housewives” Revival

Five Reasons There Should Not be a “Desperate Housewives” Revival

Desperate Housewives gained a reputation for being one of the smartest and most-watched shows on TV, but any chances of a revival coming are next to nil. This is actually a good thing in fact since despite the show’s ability to feature very strong and independent women as its leads it began to devolve as time went on. It was one of the more talked-about programs that received a great deal of praise and respect, but it was also a show that had by the end kind of done everything it could do without getting too crazy. Any attempt to bring it back now might look a little, well, desperate.

Sometimes shows just need to be left as they are.

5. The creators just aren’t interested.

Anyone that had anything to do with the show is just not interested at this point. Well, scratch that, Terri Hatcher would be interested in making a comeback but she’s one of the only ones, if not THE only one that would love to see the show make a comeback. There are plenty of other ideas for shows and a wealth of talent that can be used in other ways to further promote strong women on TV, and this show is just not on that list.

4. The show ran its course despite the finale.

The way the show ended almost looked like it might be offering a chance for another season but that just hasn’t happened. Many people feel that the cliffhanger ending was more than enough and that the show said all that it had to say. As of the finale people were finally coming to understand that this was it and that no matter what happened things were going to be tied off and left as they were.

3. The final season didn’t really live up to the rest of the series.

The show enjoyed a great deal of success until they found the need to advance the story five years into the future. That kind of precluded a loss of interest since such a span of time tends to eliminate a lot of development and the needed explanation of why things turned out the way they did near the end. The show did rationalize this but it still felt like kind of a cheat.

2. The cast didn’t really get along.

Terri Hatcher was apparently a bit of a diva on the set and there were other issues that had to be ironed out continually with the cast. If the working members of the cast can’t get along then the show is bound to suffer and possibly begin to decline in ratings if those issues make it onto the set. More often than not they don’t, but people getting fed up with other people tends to make it harder to keep the story going in the same direction.

1. Any further attempt could damage the legacy it left behind. 

Coming back to the show now could possibly confuse a lot of fans and make them wonder just what they’d missed in the span of time between the finale and now. A revival would of course explain a great number of things, but it’s still been so long that trying to sort everything out and make it work like it used to would be a monumental task that might not produce the desired result.

It’s just not a good idea right now, if ever.

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