20 Reasons Why House Hunters Will Last Forever

20 Reasons Why House Hunters Will Last Forever

20 Reasons Why House Hunters Will Last Forever

HGTV’s House Hunters has been around since 1999. It might surprise man to know that this show is one of the most watched shows on television. House Hunters also doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Even the producers of the show marvel at its success and wonder what it is about House Hunters that have captured the attention of many different types of people. At the rate of its growth in viewership, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere even in the far future. Here are 20 reasons why we believe House Hunters could just go on forever.

1. Basic human necessity

Housing is something all people need. There’s a natural curiosity that just exists there, especially for those that are in the market for a home. In that case, there are always people looking for something new, for some type of change, or simply what could be. The fact that there will always be people looking for homes is reason enough for House Hunters to continue showing homes. As long as there are people in the market, House Hunters will thrive. Funnily enough, that’s been the case for the show for the last many years.

2. Evolving industry

The housing industry is always changing and evolving. New trends come and go. Old trends come back for a revival. Whether you’re looking for the best Victorian in the neighborhood or the most upcoming modern condo, you’re likely to find the latest and best in the housing industry through House Hunters. Just as The Odyssey states, even if you’re not much of a trendy person, House Hunters offers enough old episodes that you’ll surely find what you’re looking for. As long as the economy is turning, there’s always reason to watch House Hunters.

3. Greener grass

We just can’t help being envious creatures, can’t we? We always think that the grass is greener on the other side. Your home may be lovely enough, charming enough, or suitable enough for your current situation. But we always think that the house next door–or in the next town for that matter–might just be better. House Hunters always manage to show us the best show of homes possible. The show makes us want it, and we can’t get enough of it. House Hunters will surely last because it knows how to tap into our greedy side.

4. Spinoff central

House Hunters is smart enough to capitalize on its success. If you’ve been following the show for a while now, you should know that House Hunters has evolved from the original into a show with many arms. It’s got so many spinoffs that it’s literally hard to keep track of them all. Depending on your mood, you can pick and choose which kind of House Hunters you want to watch. If you’re feeling the island vibes, you can watch Island Hunters. If you feel like big is just overrated, go ahead and tune into Tiny House Hunters. If foreign is just your type, you can easily binge watch some House Hunters International episodes. Wikipedia lists all the spinoffs of the show, but we can imagine that the show might have a few spinoffs up its sleeve. HGTV might just continue producing them as long as people are watching.

5. A gallery of homes

Here’s the basic truth: there are just way too many different kinds of homes out there. House Hunters will literally never run out of homes to show. The show will never run out of options. Watching this show is like going to a gallery of model homes without ever actually leaving your home. And honestly, who doesn’t like seeing nice houses?

6. Just entertainment

If House Hunters could be anything, it’s just purely entertaining. It’s really reality television at its best. By now, most people are aware that House Hunters isn’t exactly unscripted. The cat has been out of the bag a while ago, and we all know that the people hunting for homes aren’t exactly making their housing decisions on the spot. The question remains, however. Why do people still keep watching the show? The easy answer is the most obvious as well. It’s just entertaining to watch. Whether you’re watching the show because you truly love it or you’re just watching because you love to hate on the show, it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re tuning in, House Hunters will keep happening.

7. Inspiration in a click

Design doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people. What House Hunters offers many of us is the opportunity to find design inspiration with just a click of the remote control. Viewers can easily emulate the style they’re looking for. And if you’re just unsure of where to even start when it comes to decorating your home, House Hunters has a lot of options for you to choose from. There’s inspiration for all sorts of home figures as well. So whether you have a traditional suburb residence or live in a multi-million-dollar mansion, we’re sure you can find something to use from House Hunters. Inspiration will never run out in that show.

8. Treasure of demographics

Another reason why House Hunters will last forever is its apparent diversity. On the show, you can watch homebuyers from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, how old you might be, or how much money you make. There’s something for you to relate to on the show. House Hunters appeals to all kinds of people. There’s something there for college grads and retirees alike. There’s something there for newlyweds and bachelors. There’s something there for a family of three, and there’s also something there for a family of seven. The diversity and appeal of House Hunters is pretty unparalleled in the reality TV world. It’s no wonder it’s been successful for so long. The creators of the show boast of this achievement in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

9. Fringe benefits

House hunting might be a complete mystery to some. Especially for first time buyers, house hunting could be quite intimidating. What House Hunters offers is basically free information. The show reminds you to look for things in a home that you never even thought you needed. It teaches you to look at every single detail; so when you finally choose a home, it’s a home that you’ll be happy with for a long time. It goes beyond the basics of finding a home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. House Hunters encourages the homebuyer to ask further questions. The show is really a full of practical knowledge that many viewers find useful.

10. Strategic programming

If you’ve ever sat down to watch a House Hunters show, you’ll probably notice that you never sit just for one. According to this article from Forbes, most House Hunters episodes play in batches and marathons. You’ll find yourself watching one episode and find that by the time the show is done, you’re ready to watch another. And guess what? The next show coming on will most likely be House Hunters. The episodes are long enough to keep your attention but short enough to make you want more. If you happen to start off with an episode of House Hunters International, you can be sure that the fourth episode down the road will be House Hunters International Renovation. It keeps you looped in, and it’s difficult to snap out of.

11. House Hunters: Where Are They Now?

Speaking of being looped in, House Hunters has a special spinoff that allows viewers to revisit some of their old favorite homes or homebuyers. Where Are They Now is a House Hunters spinoff that preys on viewers’ desire to connect with what they’re watching. Most of us are left to wonder about the true lives of the people we’re watching, and some of us wonder whether the house chosen at the end of each episode is the right one. House Hunters gave us the opportunity for closure with this particular spinoff. It’s an endless cycle, and it sure can last forever for House Hunters.

12. Cheap production

As it turns out, producing a single House Hunters episode doesn’t cost all too much. That’s right. The show is cheap to produce. Because of this, the production team is able to produce hundreds of new episodes fairly quickly and easily. As a matter of fact, there are at least 15 camera crews spread out throughout the US at any given time. And while that’s happening stateside, there are also at least 25 camera crews roaming the globe and shooting homes internationally. That’s quite an extensive number, but it makes sense for the numbers House Hunters usually go for.

13. Pricing knowledge

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the home buying process is the money part. Pricing goes over most of our heads sometimes. Most of us aren’t sure how much homes should cost–or even how much they actually cost. House Hunters give tons of useful knowledge when it comes to how much homes cost these days. Again, it’s practical and applicable for the most part. While viewers may not necessarily watch House Hunters for pricing information, it’s still something that could easily stick out in your head once you do decide to get a home for yourself. Money Crashers has even made a list of home buying lessons you could actually learn from watching House Hunters.

14. Obsessive behavior

One article states that ever since the housing market collapsed back in 2008, the viewership for House Hunters increased. Is it a coincidence? It’s more than likely not. Many people lost their homes during that time or even lost the chance of ever owning a house to begin with. House Hunters gives people the opportunity possibly reminisce what once was. It also provides a glimpse into what life is like as a homeowner for those who don’t have it. As sad as that may sound, House Hunters actually offers reprieve from the reality of things, even though it may be totally inconsequential.

15. People watching hobby

People watching can be a great pastime. While normally done outdoors at a park or a beach, people watching can be done at home these days. Through House Hunters, you can now entertain yourself endlessly by just watching people go about with the business of their lives. If there were anything real about House Hunters, it would be the homebuyers. These people are most definitely not paid actors. They’re actually people who have gone through the process of home buying.

16. Window shopping

Most of us will never be in a constant state of home buying. Sometimes, we just want to see what’s out there without ever having the intention of buying. That’s called window shopping, folks; and in the world of House Hunters, you can window shop for homes as much as you want until you get tired of looking. There’s no pressure, no hassle, and no money involved. It happens to be a unique situation that only House Hunters can offer its viewers, and viewers definitely love it.

17. The formula

One of the most successful parts of House Hunters is its predictability. The formula for the show is pretty simple, as GQ explains in this article. Show the couple. Get the couple to tell you what they’re looking for. Show three homes. And then the couple chooses. It’s straightforward and easily repeatable for production’s sake. While this might get redundant at times, viewers are finding it more reliable than anything else. There are no surprises. Viewers know exactly what to expect in each episode, and that makes for lasting viewership in many cases.

18. Dreamers welcome

House Hunters is for dreamers, and there’s nothing wrong about it. This show allows us all to open up our minds and welcome thoughts of home ownership. Not only that. The show also allows us to dream about our own dream homes. It makes our dreams more attainable, and that is extremely attractive. House Hunters is feeding this hope with every single episode, and it catches on fairly quickly.

19. Couch travel

Have you traveled much lately? With House Hunters, you can allow your mind to travel to various places without ever leaving your own home. The show does an excellent job of showcasing a bit of the destinations wherever the production may be. It’s an excellent way to find out which areas you might like for your own home, but seeing these destinations is sometimes enough to keep watching the show.

20. Happy endings

Lastly, if there’s one reason why House Hunters may last forever, it might be because of the happy ending in every episode. Everyone likes a good happy ending. We also know that every House Hunters episode will end with people finding the home of their dreams. That kind of positivity is something that House Hunters will keep providing its viewers. And because of this, viewers will definitely keep watching for a long, long time.

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