Diving Deep into the Life of Wrestling Star Zicky Dice

Diving Deep into the Life of Wrestling Star Zicky Dice

Zicky Dice is a name that resonates with wrestling fans, as he’s one of Impact Wrestling’s brightest stars. With a championship title under his belt and a dedicated fanbase, Zicky Dice has made a significant impact in the wrestling world. But who is the man behind the stage persona? Let’s delve into the life of Zicky Dice and uncover some lesser-known facts about this talented wrestler.

1. A Well-Trained Athlete

Zicky Dice didn’t achieve his success by chance. He honed his skills at the prestigious Black and Brave Wrestling Academy, where he was trained by renowned wrestlers Marek Brave and Seth Rollins. This professional training laid the foundation for his impressive career in the ring.

2. A Passion for Singing

When he’s not grappling with opponents, Zicky Dice pursues his love for music. He’s the lead singer of a band called Heart to Heart, which has been an important part of his life for quite some time. His dedication to his singing career is just as strong as his commitment to wrestling.

3. Meet Nick Zoppo

Born Nick Zoppo, Zicky Dice’s real name is a playful twist on his first and last initials. While we can’t be sure how he came up with the stage name, it’s clear that Zicky Dice has a knack for creating memorable monikers.

4. Sunshine State Roots

Hailing from the beautiful Cocoa Beach in Florida, Zicky Dice is a true Floridian. Known as the Space Coast, this region is famous for its proximity to Kennedy Space Center, Port Canaveral, and Orlando – the theme park capital of the world.

5. Impact Wrestling: A Perfect Fit

Before joining Impact Wrestling, Zicky Dice was signed with another agency. However, the COVID pandemic put his career on hold, and his contract expired during the hiatus. Impact Wrestling quickly recognized his talent and signed him, providing a new home for Zicky Dice to showcase his skills. He’s thrilled with the opportunity and eager to continue his wrestling journey.

6. Aiming for All Elite Wrestling

Zicky Dice has his sights set on joining All Elite Wrestling (AEW). He’s vocal about his aspirations in interviews and remains determined to make his dream a reality. With his unwavering ambition, it’s only a matter of time before he reaches new heights in his career.

7. A Private Married Life

Zicky Dice is a married man, but he keeps his personal life under wraps. While he shares the occasional tidbit about his wife, such as her being the first to know about his career updates, he prefers to maintain their privacy and keep their relationship out of the spotlight.

8. Valuing Privacy

Zicky Dice is a firm believer in keeping his personal life separate from his wrestling persona. He may offer glimpses into his home life from time to time, but he’s careful not to reveal too much. This allows him to maintain a sense of mystery and intrigue around his character.

9. The Outlandish Nickname

In addition to his stage name, Zicky Dice is often referred to as ‘Outlandish.’ This nickname is a reflection of his larger-than-life character and plays a significant role in his wrestling image. After all, image is everything in the world of professional wrestling.

10. Embracing Freedom with Impact

One of the aspects Zicky Dice appreciates most about his contract with Impact Wrestling is the freedom it provides. He’s not tied down to a single company and can work with other agencies simultaneously. This flexibility allows him to explore various opportunities and take control of his career’s trajectory.

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