Who is Jesse Palmer’s Wife and How Did They Meet?

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Jesse Palmer is in his early 40s, but he’s lived a full life already. He began his professional career as an athlete for the University of Florida Gator football team. By the time his quarterback years in college were over, he was drafted to play for the NFL. He spent five years playing professional football for both the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers before spending a half-season playing for the Canadian Football League.

However, by that point, he was also a reality star who was the fifth Bachelor and the man who won the hearts of everyone in America, even if he didn’t find a wife. He did find love, but it was short-lived. Now Jesse Palmer’s wife is spending her days thankful for the journey her husband was on prior to their meeting. Who is Jesse Palmer’s wife, and what is he up to these days?

Who is Jesse Palmer’s Wife?

Jesse Palmer is a happily married man, but it’s not to any of the women he met on the show when he was the bachelor. He met a model named Emely Fardo in 2017, and they began dating immediately. He made it clear that she was his soul mate and asked her to marry him in 2019. They were finally married in 2020 following some pandemic delays, and now they’re living their best life. Palmer spoke about his now-wife following their 2019 engagement, and he had this to say, “I’ve been so enamored, so in love with this woman, and it only has grown. I’m head over heels for her.” It sums up the way that he feels about her.

Credit: @jessepalmer

How Did They Meet?

One might think that because they are both famous, they met somewhere glamorous and exciting. They actually met in a boxing class. Something they both enjoy doing is taking care of their bodies both inside and out – which is also something that shows. They met in class, and it was an instant attraction. Now they work out together, and their love of being healthy is just one of the many things they share.

What Does Emely Fardo Do?

We mentioned earlier that she is a model. She’s been modeling for many years, moving from Brazil to New York City to make sure her career continues to thrive. However, she’s also a photographer. She does model for print ads and campaigns for various brands, and she models for runway shows. She loves being behind the camera, too, and it shows. She’s good at it, and it works for her. She often shares her photography online, and she’s got quite an eye for it. It’s something she enjoys, and her passion for it shows in her work.

These Two Had a Secret Wedding

We mentioned that Jesse Palmer’s wife became his wife in 2020, but did we mention that no one knew they got married for nearly a year? Like so many people did during the COVID years, they planned on getting married in France in 2020, but their wedding didn’t happen. Because of restrictions and other situations, they were unable to get married in France. Rather than wait, they decided to get married at the home of a friend in Connecticut with just a few close people around. They didn’t tell anyone they were married for a year. It is exactly how more people should do it.

Credit: @jessepalmer

She Loves to Be Outside

More importantly, Jesse Palmer’s wife loves to travel. The couple spends a lot of time traveling the world, and they enjoy the time they spend seeing new places. They were able to spend a lot of time traveling prior to the pandemic, including a trip to Paris for their engagement. They also travel often now, but they bring their dog with them on many of their trips.

Jesse Palmer’s wife is an avid photographer, model, and fitness enthusiast and enjoys her privacy. She has no problem sharing photos of her trips and the things she enjoys photographing when she’s out and about, but she likes to keep her life to herself. She’s not interested in doing everything the way that she’s expected to do it, and we have a feeling that’s what Jesse Palmer likes so much about his wife. They seem like a lovely match, and their marriage seems to be doing well. Now that he’s the permanent host of The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, hopefully, this couple will have some tips to share with future contestants.

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