10 Things You Didn’t Know about Orazio Iannacone

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Orazio Iannacone

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Orazio Iannacone

Orazio Iannacone is a man who will appear on the fourth season of Temptation Island, and he has a lot of flattering things to say about himself in his biography on the USA Website. In fact, his biography reads like a dating app biography from 1999 – and it seems he thinks this is precisely what women want. We don’t feel that his biography helps us get to know him very well at all, but we do feel that seeing him on the show will let us know if his conflicting bio information is true. Fans aren’t sure what to think, but he’ll show them when the show airs. At the end of the day, though, he is a man looking for love, and we are all cheering him on.

1. He’s Older

What we do know for certain about Ray Rock, as he is called, is that he is among the oldest of the men on the show at the tender age of 28. He works for the New York Board of Elections, and he lives and works in the Bronx.

2. He’s a Ladies Man

Ray Rock is a ladies’ man. He says it himself in his biography, and we aren’t sure what that means. It has such a negative connotation – a ladies’ man goes through women left and right, is that not the way it sounds? Yet he also describes himself as a man with a heart of gold, a loyal man, and many other things that do not accurately depict the general consensus of what makes up a lady’s man.

3. He is Italian

Another way he describes himself is as an Italian Loverboy. This works well with his ladies’ man description, but it does not work well with almost anything else he has to say about himself. What we can say is fans are excited to see what he’s all about.

4. He Loves His Family

He’s a family man. He calls his family loyal, which also works well with his Italian heritage. It is not a secret that Italian families are often close and very involved in one another’s lives, and that is not a bad thing. Having a close family is beautiful, and we are glad his is close.

5. He is a Poet

When he’s not being an Italian loverboy who is also a lady’s man, he is writing poetry. We’d love to see him share some of that, but we haven’t been able to find anything online that does share his talents.

6. Give Him All the Romantic Movies

In addition to being part poet and lady’s man and Italian loverboy, he also loves romantic movies. If you want to watch a chick flick with him, he’s your guy. Do you see now why we are having a difficult time believing that everything in his biography is accurate? Honestly, we’re happy for him if he likes his long, romantic walks on the beach, but it does sound a little forced.

7. He is Confident

He’s a confident man, and that’s a great thing. Being confident is good for everyone, and knowing what you bring to the table is something you need in a relationship. No one wants to be with a man who doesn’t know who he is and what he has to offer. Timid and meek men are not what women are looking for in terms of long-term relationships and building a family.

8. He is Looking for a Fairytale

In his own words, he’d like a fairytale ending much like those in his favorite romantic movies and his poetry. In all seriousness, though, he is looking for a woman who has the same level of energy in this relationship that he has. He also wants someone who is good about showing the same love he shows.

9. He is Into Fitness

He’s into self-care, and that is a great thing. Fitness and good health are both vital to every single person on the planet, and the fact that he takes these things seriously is a great thing. These are the kinds of things that are important in life, and he knows that.

10. We Hope He Finds Love

Forgive us for being cavalier about his biography and his interests – while they might be the words that make women laugh together with their girlfriends, he does seem like a lovely man who really does want to find a forever person on this show, and we hope he does. We hope he gets his fairytale ending, and we hope the best outcome possible is what he leaves with.

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