Where Can You Watch Top Boy: Summerhouse Season 5?

The long-awaited Top Boy Summerhouse season 5 was finally released in September 2023. The show has been one of the UK’s best crime dramas in the last decades. The Top Boy series success has led several television audiences to compare it to the American crime drama series The Wire.

For 4 seasons, Top Boy viewers have had to watch former best friends, Dushane Hill and Gerard “Sully” Sullivan, battling it out to become London’s Top Boy. Created by Ronan Bennett, Top Boy Summerhouse season 5 is the show’s final season. Here’s everything about the new season and where to watch Top Boy season 5.

Top Boy Season 4 Recap

While several subplots were explored in Top Boy season 4, it left a few cliffhangers for viewers to look forward to. One of season 4’s most shocking highlights is the final scene with Sully (Kane Robinson) shooting and killing Jamie (Micheal Ward). Watching Jamie’s brother scream and run to his corpse is unarguably one of Top Boy’s most heart-wrenching moments. The scene alone opens up a new story arc of revenge from Jamie’s brothers.

Dushane (Ashley Walters) had informed Sully that he was grooming Jamie as his successor. Although Sully’s motive for killing Jamie may be mildly justifiable, his ruthless decision-making has put him at odds several times with Dushane in the past. When audiences had thought Dushane and Sully might be back as friends, Jamie’s murder is bound to cause a possible rift. 

In Top Boy season 4, audiences also watched its main antagonist, Curtis (Howard Charles), get stabbed to death by his girlfriend, Lauryn Lawrence (Saffron Hocking). Although Sully threatened them to stay away, Curtis’ sister and gang members could return in season 5. With several other subplot twists, Top Boy Summerhouse season 5 could be the most anticipated season of the show.

The Best Order To Watch The Top Boy Series

Top Boy Summerhouse season 1

The first season of Top Boy was released on Channel 4 on October 31, 2011. Its follow-up season was released almost two years later, on August 20, 2013. Despite having over a million viewers for each of seasons 1 and 2 premieres and storyline drafts for season 3, Channel 4 canceled Top Boy in 2014, at the end of season 2. However, when Canadian rapper and singer Drake took an interest in the series, he helped bring Netflix on board for a revival. 

With Drake serving as executive producer, Top Boy, under Netflix, brought back most of the cast from seasons 1 and 2. Longtime viewers may recognize the first Netflix season as Top Boy season 3, but the streaming platform often regards it as Top Boy season 1. To avoid any confusion on the streaming platform, Netflix offers seasons 1 and 2 as Top Boy: Summerhouse season 1 and Top Boy: Summerhouse season 2. 

However, while the name helps differentiate the network under which the seasons were produced, it doesn’t detract from the show’s continuity. In other words, watching them in order of release helps with the storyline. So, the best order to watch the Top Boy show is:

  • Top Boy: Summerhouse Season 1
  • Top Boy: Summerhouse Season 2
  • Top Boy Season 1
  • Top Boy Season 2
  • Top Boy Season 3

Where Can You Watch Top Boy: Summerhouse Season 5?

Dushane and Sully in Top Boy

Although seasons 1 and 2 were originally aired on Channel 4, all are available on one platform. Television audiences can watch Top Boy Summerhouse season 5 on Netflix. Interestingly, Netflix has also made Channel 4’s two seasons available, but under the name Top Boy: Summerhouse. To clear all doubts, Netflix’s Top Boy season 3 is generally referred to as Top Boy season 5 for longtime viewers. Top Boy season 5 was released on September 7, 2023, with all 6 episodes dropped at the same time.

Which Character Returns In Top Boy Season 5?

Without giving away spoilers, longtime viewers of the show can expect to see several of Top Boy’s characters in season 5. The show’s two main characters, Dushane and Sully, will undoubtedly return for its final season. The actors playing both characters returned to reprise their roles. 

With the way things ended in season 4, viewers can expect to see other characters like Jacqueline “Jaq” Lawrence (Jasmine Jobson) and Jamie’s vengeful brother Stefan Tovell (Araloyin Oshunremi) return in season 5. Audiences can also expect to see Lauryn Lawrence (Saffron Hocking) and Shelley (Simbi Ajikawo) make a return. If you enjoyed reading about Top Boy Summerhouse Season 5, here’s everything you need to know about Netflix’s Bridgerton Season 3.

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