When Does Station 19 Come Back On?

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Grey’s Anatomy fans know that Shonda Rhimes is a talented woman. When she introduced us to the hospital staff at Sloane Memorial (not yet named this, by the way) so many years ago, we were obsessed. Meredith and McDreamy. Izzie and George. The Nazi. The amazing Dr. Yang. We could not get enough. We were floored when we discovered at the end of season one that McDreamy couldn’t really be perfect – we knew he might have a flaw or two – because his actual wife showed up. His wife, Dr. Addison Montgomery, was amazing. We fell in love with her just as much as any other character, so it was only natural that when her marriage to McDreamy ended, she’d move to LA to get a fresh start.

That’s when Grey’s Anatomy turned into Private Practice. Private Practice followed Addison to LA, where she joined her old friends at their private practice. They did it all there. From diagnosing to giving medical advice to welcoming babies to therapy, she went in hard. She was so good, the rest of the cast was so good, and we were in for a great ride. The spinoff was so good that we all watched it. When Private Practice ended, we were all heartbroken. But then came Station 19. It’s good. It’s the second spinoff of Grey’s Anatomy. And while we don’t want to risk sounding mean, it’s not up there with the other two. Maybe current Grey’s, yes…the show really ended for us when McDreamy died. Station 19 is good, and fans have a few questions about it.

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When Was Station 19 Introduced?

If you have not tuned in yet, do it. It’s a good show, and you won’t regret it. As long as you go in with the expectation that this is not the first five seasons of Grey’s nor is it Private Practice, you’ll be all right. It’s good, but it’s not that good. The show was introduced in the Spring of 2018. The show follows the firefighters and EMTs who work for a Seattle Fire Department. They are the men and women who often bring in the patients we see in the hospital on Grey’s.

When Does Station 19 Come Back On?

For fans of the show, you might be wondering when does Station 19 come back on? The sixth season did premiere on October 6, 2022, which is a few weeks later than most fall returns. That’s a downside to this show. It doesn’t always return in mid-September as many other shows do. This was almost the second week of October, and fans waited a long time for it. The next problem for fans is that they were given a solid six episodes – in a row without a week off – and then the show did not come back. We are officially six episodes into season six, and no one has seen a new episode since November 10.

Not only did the show return late, but it also went on its winter hiatus a month earlier than anyone else. It was back on the air for one month and four days before it went on hiatus. It’s an annoying way to watch a show you love. Now you want to know when it’s coming back. Everything else came back at the beginning of January, but where is Station 19? Well, it turns out you need to wait…another month. The rest of season six begins airing on February 23, which is more than three months after the show went on break.

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Fans Are Frustrated

Television today was not the same as television yesterday. Growing up as a child in the 80s, television was special. There were not millions of shows to watch every single night. A handful of good shows ran for years at a time. If you were not home to watch your favorite show, you did not see it. You watched all the commercials – well, you got snacks, made it to the restroom, grabbed whatever you needed, and you did it all in two minutes. Otherwise, you’d miss it all.

Television shows were not recordable (VHS recordings did not cut it). You could not pause them or binge them. And you had so many to watch every season. When I was growing up, there was a brand-new season every September, and it ran continuously through the week or so before Christmas; it was off the air for like two weeks, and it was back at the beginning of January. It ran until the end of May, and then it was off from June through the beginning of September.

Those were days when a new episode happened every single week, no questions asked. There was none of this back for three episodes, off for two weeks, back for a week, off for a month, only 12 episodes a YEAR stuff. Fans are frustrated. We are watching shows that are only on television every so often, and it’s not like it was. Station 19 fans know this all too well because this show is one of the worst for new episodes and days off. More is always merrier.

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