Whatever Happened to Steven Assanti?

Whatever Happened to Steven Assanti?

Whatever Happened to Steven Assanti?

It might not be a popular opinion and it might end up getting people to hate me, but My 600-lb Life is a grotesque way to get famous, not to mention to get ratings for a channel that continues to have the audacity to be called TLC. Steven Assanti, abused as a child and addicted to food, became an adult that was no better than a child since like it or not, his tantrums and his overall behavior didn’t just come from the abuse, it came from a serious lack of therapy and the enabling that went on to ensure that he became a humongous and seriously messed-up man-child that doesn’t appear to have been called on his behavior in a successful manner, ever. Again, it might make me popular with some folks, but it’s not fat-shaming to say that other folks have had similar problems if not worse, and they haven’t come close to eating themselves to death, nor have they done anything else that’s ultimately self-destructive. It would appear that the father isn’t blameless in this since he’s been throwing food at the problem just as much as Steven over the years.

Out of the many people that have been on this show, Steven is one of those that people actually came to dislike since his acerbic attitude and his inability to even try to lose weight was frustrating to pretty much everyone since he wasn’t willing to go along with the program. The fact is that he knew he had a problem, he knew that he could eventually kill himself, and he kept making it happen. Many people might want to argue that I don’t know what he went through, and that’s very true. But there’s a solution to every problem, so long as a person is willing to see it and to learn from it. The facts presented made it pretty clear that Steven didn’t want to learn, he wanted to be fed and allowed to be treated like an invalid.

Does anyone want to hazard a guess as to why Steven irked so many people? He didn’t just use his past to explain why he’d become so big, he used his past to gain sympathy and to justify his place in life on the show. The reason he was picked for the show was that he made a spectacle of himself and didn’t want to follow the rules when it came to weight loss surgery. The guy actually snuck a pizza into the hospital, which isn’t easy to do but isn’t impossible either. Those that feel sympathy for Steven, good for them since they have more compassion than those us that would tell him to eat a vegetable now and then rather than stuffing his face with grease and fat. It’s true that a lot of exercises were probably out of the question when he came on the show, but there’s always something that could have been done to improve his situation, so long as he wanted it. The fact is that he didn’t want it and wasn’t going to entertain the thought, and therefore kind of gave up.

As of now, it would appear that he’s gone silent on social media after his apparent meeting with a woman named Stephanie, whose desire for him is questionable at best since without bringing up his appearance, it’s still a wonder how anyone could stand the guy when he was, quite simply, a big baby posing as a young man. His home life was undoubtedly rough if his mother was an alcoholic and her boyfriends would abuse Steven and his brother Justin. But the divide that was created when they were young between the brothers never appeared to heal since like it or not, Steven became the bad guy in his own story when he just gave up and gave in to the need for food in such a way that it started to affect his health. The whole deal with Steven’s wife Stephanie, who he apparently separated from since they’re ‘doing their own things’ is that she refutes everything that was seen on the show, as does Steven. It’s fair to claim that TLC would only show the worst moments and leave out the good, but what Steven forgets is that the worst moments are when a person tends to reveal who they really are.

Whether everything that Steven has said is true or whether TLC shared a skewed version of the truth, Steven is doing his own thing now and staying away from whatever fame he earned from TLC, which is admittedly very little. He has lost weight apparently which is hopeful since it might mean that he gained a bit of common sense. But in the long run, it’s hard to feel sorry for anyone, even those that are victims of abuse, when they refuse to help themselves for so long.

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