What Happened to Danielle and Nick from Love is Blind?

What Happened to Danielle and Nick from Love is Blind?
What Happened to Danielle and Nick from Love is Blind?

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Love is Blind is an interesting concept. The reality show Netflix created follows singles as they get to know one another through many different facets. The only thing they don’t get to know about one another is what they look like. The premise is simple. The show puts people together to find love based on personalities and the conversations they have with one another, and it sometimes works. It doesn’t really work out well in the end, though. Most of the couples who choose to get engaged or even married after falling for someone they’ve never met in real life do end quickly. However, it’s Danielle and Nick that Love is Blind fans are most concerned about. What happened to their relationship?

Danielle and Nick Love is Blind Beginnings

It was good news for both when they met in the pod. They seemed entirely interested in only one another. No one else caught either of their ‘eyes’ in the pod, and they were quick to form a relationship with one another. Things were even better for them when they finally met in real life. They found that they had a lot in common, they really hit it off, and they decided to head to Mexico to get to know one another better.

The Engagement Led to the Marriage

Fans were so excited to find out that their engagement seemed to work out, and the couple married in 2021. Their summer wedding was lovely, and they appeared to be quite happy together. What works for them is the fact that they tend to keep their marriage and relationship on the down low. It seems interesting, considering the two were put together and married on national television, but they do like their privacy. Their fans saw some issues throughout their initial meeting and engagement, but everyone was happy to find out they had worked through their issues and a wedding was their next step.

Their Issues Continued to Grow

The key difference between Danielle and Nick on Love is Blind is that she’s much less calm. She’s nowhere near as calm as Nick, and it shows. It appears Danielle suffers from a myriad of insecurities, and she is not happy often. She spent a lot of her time focused on her feelings of insecurity rather than working on her relationship with Nick, and we imagine that takes a toll.

We saw their issues before they ever got married. When the happy couple took a pre-honeymoon to Mexico, things began to unravel for them. At one point, Nick wasn’t sure he was going to marry Danielle. Her insecurities were a lot for him to handle, and he wasn’t sure that was a marriage he wanted to engage in. However, he felt that what they had was worth it, and things seemed to really ramp up for them around their wedding day.

What Happened to Danielle and Nick from Love is Blind?

Credit: @dnellruhl

Their One-Year Wedding Anniversary

One year after these two got married, they shared sappy Instagram posts about one another. To everyone else, they seemed quite happy. They discussed how far they’d come, how much love they shared, and that they’d been focusing on getting to know one another throughout that year. They shared their love online, and no one thought anything of it. Their marriage was clearly going well. They discussed having a secondary wedding in which they didn’t have cameras but rather their friends and families. They wanted a big celebration following their second wedding anniversary with their loved ones. This is a couple that even discussed future children. The world thought it was all good for them.

Their Shocking Divorce Announcement

Their second wedding anniversary was in June 2022, and that’s why their divorce announcement just a few months later shocked the world. This couple recently shared how happy they were to celebrate a year of marriage, and suddenly they are divorcing. They have not made any comments about it, either. If nothing else, we have learned that both people in this failed marriage are the type of people who prefer to keep their private lives to themselves. We don’t know what went wrong for them, and we may never know. They are good about staying mum on the subject. They did not immediately delete one another from their social media pages. Both seem to realize their marriage didn’t work out, but it’s not an erasable part of their history.

What Happened to Danielle and Nick from Love is Blind?

Credit: @dnellruhl

Whatever happened to cause this marriage to fall apart remains a mystery. Danielle and Nick from Love is Blind Season 2 may no longer be married, but they have fans for life. They were one couple no one thought would end up divorced.

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