Why Daisy Ridley Quit Social Media and Doesn’t Plan on Returning

Why Daisy Ridley Quit Social Media and Doesn’t Plan on Returning

Why Daisy Ridley Quit Social Media and Doesn’t Plan on Returning

A lot of people tend to say that social media is the problem, WHILE they’re on social media. But there are some that are serious about staying off once they leave it since unfortunately social media is like an addiction, it can become a seriously messed-up type of addiction that people get hooked on without even realizing it since social media grants a person one way into the minds, supposedly, of so many other people and an almost direct line to entertainment that never really stops. It’s where a person can voice their opinion and be given the belief that they’re going to be heard. Unfortunately, its total worth, and the positives that go with it, are often buried beneath a heap of mental garbage and vitriol that far too many people feel the need to spew when it comes to voicing their own opinion on one site or another. It’s largely because of this that there aren’t that many people that would blame Daisy Ridley for saying goodbye to social media for good. The star has decided it’s the best course after the continual garbage she’s been receiving over and over from toxic Star Wars fans that have been hounding her since the sequels came out about one thing or another. Seriously, there are people out there that are confusing her with the character of Rey and have yet to distance the actress from her on-screen persona or have at least refused to do so since they’ve continued to call her such names as “Mary Sue” and others that are beyond rude.

It’s a bit hard to believe, but there are those out there that will refuse to like an actor based on one or more of their roles that the individual didn’t care for when watching the movie they starred in. Being a Star Wars fan I can’t help but shake my head along with many others as the inane behavior ends up making a lot of people look bad since the general idea that tends to crop up is that those that enjoy science fiction and fantasy are home-bound nerds and geeks living with their parents into their 30s and 40s that have an opinion for every situation but no handle on that little thing called life that they’ve refused to live. Not liking one character or another in a movie is all well and good. A lot of people didn’t care for Finn, Rose, or a few other characters in the latest Star Wars movies, and yet the actors who played them might be some of the nicest people that anyone might ever meet. There is one noted exception in John Boyega as his own words have propped him up as someone that’s not quite as grateful as he should have been to be a part of this franchise but instead had to act as though his character was meant to be a messiah that was meant to save the franchise somehow. Newsflash Boyega, the franchise was still thriving before you came around. But apart from that, there are plenty of characters throughout the franchise that people adore and dislike, and yet when the movie is over, it’s easy for many to either like or dislike them based on who they are, not on the roles they played.

Another good example is Mark Hamill, who was one of the many who continually derided and put down the former POTUS and his family. Did anyone boycott Luke Skywalker, or state that he was loved any less? If they did then it was rather quiet and didn’t gain a lot of traction. Social media is a tool, a useful one when it’s used in a manner that allows for the free trade of ideas, respectful opinions, and general discourse and possible argument that doesn’t devolve into moments in which the keyboard cowboys and internet toughs start to bully others with their words and less than respectful ideas. The fact that so much of this managed to get Daisy to quit social media entirely can be taken to mean she has very thin skin, or it was a constant deluge of hatred that she did nothing to deserve. At this point, social media is typically navigated by those that ignore a great deal, are so apathetic that they can’t be bothered, or are so confident in who they are and what they do that they know how to get around the haters and other types that are out to impose their will through the typed words. But as of now, it sounds as though Daisy has no plans to ever come back, which is likely for the best. Those of us that make our way across the uncertain terrain that has become social media will continue on, no matter how crazy it drives some of us.

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