10 Things You Didn’t Know about Morgan Freeman

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Morgan Freeman

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Morgan Freeman

There might not be a lot that some people don’t know about Morgan Freeman since he’s been a highly sought out person for a number of years now and a popular actor for as long as some of us have been alive, if not longer. His voice, his face, everything about him is so well-known that a list such as this might seem like a big ‘duh’ moment. But I’m betting that some of those that will read this don’t know everything and that some of the things you see might actually make your eyes widen a bit as you realize that just reading a little about him here and there doesn’t give you everything you need to know about the man. There are a couple things you might think that you know especially well since they’ve been publicized so often, but then again there might be a couple of things that make you think once you see them.

Here are a few of those things that you might not have known.

10. He doesn’t believe in Black History month.

Morgan doesn’t agree with the idea of black history being relegated to a month no matter how the explanation is given. We don’t have a white history month or an Asian history month or anything else along those lines so why include one for black people? Black history is American history in his estimation and it sounds pretty good since people should be free to celebrate their history all year long.

9. If you’ve noticed he does a lot of narration in some films.

In some films he only speaks a few lines here and there but in others like Shawshank Redemption he talks through almost the entire movie at the required intervals that seem to exist just for the sake of narration. But try finding anyone that thinks that he shouldn’t be narrating and then get back to me.

8. He’s usually the calm and composed figure in many of his films.

It’s not too often that you see his characters get animated, but when they do it’s bound to mean that the movie he’s in isn’t that great or the moment simply called for it. For instance in Wanted when he raised his voice it was kind of odd, but in Lean On Me it was just perfect.

7. He’s acted in the same role in three different pairs of movies.

Those movies are Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls, Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty, and Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. He was the same character in each pair of movies if you can recall.

6. At one time he almost joined the Air Force.

In truth he did join the Air Force and was a mechanic. Initially he decided to go into acting and didn’t want to be locked into anything that might prevent his chances of gaining a role here and there.

5. He does have a private pilots license.

It would seem that a few celebrities have these for various reasons. Flying planes when you have the money is one thing, but flying them when you have the money and the interest is something else. It would be an experience, that’s for certain.

4. His first job when he came to California was as a typist.

Everyone’s got to start somewhere and the bills have to be paid. Few people ever just walk into auditions and get the role of a lifetime. A lot of people come to Hollywood looking to make good on their fortune and seeking the fame they desire, but more than you’d think fail and a lot of those that succeed still have to start at the bottom.

3. Morgan was inspired by Gary Cooper’s films.

It kind of seems as though Morgan has been the calm, cool, and collected individual we see so often for a lot of years, perhaps even since childhood. But he does admit that Cooper was a big influence on his career and it could be that he modeled a lot of his act on the man and became that way after years of practice.

2. He took up beekeeping a little while back.

This seems like an interesting hobby but not for those that are either afraid or severely allergic to bee stings. You’ve got to wonder what makes people get into things like this, especially since it seems to require a lot of attention and at least a good deal of work to really make it worthwhile.

1. He’s not a big fan of watching his own films.

Morgan’s of the mind that he knows who he is and what he does. He doesn’t need to watch himself on film all the time as he finds it kind of boring and not nearly as entertaining as others find it.

When you know yourself that well it seems that it might actually be less than optimal to watch something you’ve already lived.The Dark Knight

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