Whatever Happened to Emy Coligado?

Whatever Happened to Emy Coligado?

There are probably a few people out there that remember Emy Coligado as Piama from Malcolm in the Middle or Emmy from Crossing Jordan, and it’s not hard to wonder why since these were two of her longest lasting roles and were also two of her very best. Thankfully Emy has remained in show business despite taking on guest-starring roles in several shows and having been featured in a few short films and movies throughout the years. She did have a part in the remake of The Three Stooges but if you missed it then there’s not a lot of regret there likely since the movie was kind of, bleh, but not for lack of the cast trying to make it work. In Emy’s case her time as Piama was undoubtedly one of her best roles since not only was she not pushed so hard when it came to her part on the show, but she was a perfect foil to the slightly overwhelming character of Lois, played by Jane Kaczmerak, since her character might have been smaller, but was still just as fierce. If you ever watched the show then you’d see that Piama and Lois had nothing but contempt for each other early on in Emy’s inclusion into the show, but throughout the years were seen to finally and grudgingly came to respect each other as Lois calmed down and Piama learned how to get along with the madness of her in-laws.

To say that it’s been hard to see what she’s done since then is kind of inaccurate since all one has to do is enter a quick Google search to see that she does have a few projects that she’s been working on lately. While her celebrity status might be in question with some folks it’s still just about as solid as it’s always been since like so many actors in show business she’s been someone that’s great to see as support and, when it’s necessary, as someone that takes on a greater role in whatever project she’s connected to. I could talk about Piama all day since yes, when I was younger I did have a slight crush on the character since she was a true badass that could put on a smile and make you think that she was a perky young housewife that couldn’t hurt a fly. Then she could turn around and become a serious and very scary individual that would do anything to protect those she cared about, and herself of course. In other words, the character of Piama was one of Emy’s best since she was a well-rounded character that was kind of like a hidden surprise just waiting to spring forth and remind the audience that she wasn’t a holy terror but she also wasn’t a docile character that would take anything and everything that was thrown at her. She was a character that was kind of ahead of her time in a way but was perfect for the time she was in.

As of now Emy is doing quite well since, as mentioned, she’s still working and she’s still pushing forward. She also has an impressive net worth so it’s safe to say that she’s sitting pretty and is far from being a struggling actress or in any way on the ropes when it come to her career. It might be that she’s not attached to a lot of blockbusters but then again she’s still doing just fine if you take into account that some folks that have been around as long or longer than she has really aren’t doing much these days. In fact, not trashing anyone, she does have a stronger career than several of those that she acted alongside in a few of her roles. As far as the Malcolm in the Middle cast goes she’s done quite well, in fact only Bryan Cranston can easily boast doing any better as his career took off after Breaking Bad became one of the most loved shows around. It’d be hard to compete with that, but after the show it would appear that the actors went their own ways and haven’t really been seen together all that often, if at all, since taking their own paths to success or whatever has come.

Throughout the history of show business it’s been seen that a lot of TV stars either move from show to show or will stick with one or two shows for a while before moving on. Some of them do just fine as they bounce from one show to another and find continual success, but others might have to keep moving before finding any lasting success. Of course then there are those like Emy, who are bound to be just fine no matter where they land or for how long.

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