Whatever Happened To Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Whatever Happened To Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Whatever Happened To Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Credit: @jttarchive

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is widely known for his work in Home Improvement. He also brought the young version of Simba from the Disney movie to life by voicing him. The kids from the 90s remember him well from voicing many great characters of that time.

Jonathan voiced Pinocchio in the New Line Cinema as well as in the film The Adventures of Pinocchio. Born on 8th September 1981, Jonathan Taylor Thomas had a great start to his acting and voicing career. But the fans had not even speculated what their favorite star was about to do with them. Then, suddenly, Jonathan Taylor Thomas vanished from the face of Earth and left behind no trace of him whatsoever.

Jonathan Taylor’s Last On-Screen Project

It is widely known that Jonathan was working as a director as well as an actor. He was playing roles in front of the camera as well as behind it. Having worked on many great projects but still unsatisfied, Jonathan decided to pull the plug on his acting career in 2015 with the show Last Man Standing.

Whatever Happened To Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Credit: @jttarchive

Ever since then, the heartthrob of millions of girls from the 90s went missing. No matter how much fan girls wanted, there was no on-screen action from him. So instead, Jonathan Taylor chose to live a life away from the cameras in a world of his own.

Latest Spotting Of Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Girls from the 90s, hold your hearts and get ready to be amazed because Jonathan Taylor Thomas was just spotted recently!

Jonathan was seen taking out his dogs on a walk. Jonathan stepped out with his two cute dogs, supporting a hat and sunglasses with a casual hoodie. The ’90s heartthrob was casually scrolling through his phone while enjoying his vape.

Whatever Happened To Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Credit: @jttarchive

There was nothing “unrecognizable” about our retired star. Like all normal human beings, he just grew up with time. It seems as if his life is precisely the way he wanted it to be, quiet and away from the cameras.

So Why Did He Give Up On Acting?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas was enjoying a successful career. He was living the dream of many people, and there was not a single magazine issued that did not have a picture of him in it. Everyone thought that they had found the new Macaulay Culkin in Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

But Jonathan did not want to follow in the footsteps of Macaulay Culkin. He dreamed of other things. He wanted to study and see where the future took him. Jonathan Taylor Thomas wanted to have an adventure off-screen. His love for traveling was far too much than his love for acting.

In an interview, Jonathan Taylor Thomas explained that he had been working in front of the camera since he was eight years old. He was just 14 years old when he gave the interview, and at that time, he said that one person could not live a life based on just a single thing. He took acting as a job instead of a lifestyle and explained that every job has an end to it. Rather than just holding onto a single job, you should try to explore new things.

Whatever Happened To Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Credit: @jttarchive

Jonathan’s love for education took him to great schools like Columbia University School of General Studies, Harvard University, and Columbia University. He studied philosophy and history at Harvard. He spent a semester abroad in Scotland. After graduating in 2010 from the Columbia University School of General Studies, he briefly returned to acting, but then he decided it was not what he was meant to do.

During his educational days, he admitted that he enjoyed the life of being just another student. Jonathan enjoyed the fresh air, living his life just like another teenager rather than the famous teen actor who constantly got attention everywhere.

So was it the spotlight and the constant pressure of always being watched that comes with it which drove Jonathan Taylor Thomas away from the cameras?

Yes! We can agree to it in a way. Another significant factor contributing to the fact is Jonathan’s love of exploring new things. Unfortunately, he saw no further progress in his role as an actor, and although he had a great time, He admitted this was not what he wanted to do forever.

Farewell, Jonathan Taylor Thomas

With that being agreed on, we think it is the time to say Farewell, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, or Weiss, because that is his real name. Yes! You heard that right. Jonathan Taylor Weiss is his birthname, while the name Thomas was only adopted when he started working on-screen.

There is so much little that we can know about what goes on in another person’s mind. Maybe Jonathan Taylor Thomas had more reasons that contributed to him exiting the film world, but we will never know!

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