What is Kathryne Padgett Up to Since Breaking Up With A-Rod?

What is Kathryne Padgett Up to Since Breaking Up With A-Rod?
What is Kathryne Padgett Up to Since Breaking Up With A-Rod?

Credit: @katpadgett

Kathryne Padgett made a name for herself when she began dating the infamous playboy, baseball legend, Alex Rodriguez. He’s the man famous for his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. The couple began dating, got engaged, and famously split up just before she reconciled with her own ex-fiance, Ben Affleck. J.Lo and Ben are now happily married and living their best life together, but Alex Rodriguez finds himself single once more. He and his fitness professional girlfriend, Kathryne Padgett, called it quits after being linked together for almost a year. The rumor mill is working overtime, telling us that the couple called it quits, ended things, but remain good friends with one another despite their lack of romance. What happened?

Signs the Couple Was Over Before The World Knew It

For the better part of the year, this couple did a lot of stuff together. They spent ample time focused on their relationship with one another, including spending time traveling and hanging out. They were literally all over the world together, from overseas vacations to games in the states to boat trips on the water. They were inseparable, and the world seemed to wonder if this was a rebound or if it was something more serious. It’s not exactly a secret that A-Rod has a problem with being faithful, but he also denies many allegations that this is the case. Even J.Lo said that he was unfaithful to her, and that was the leading cause of her reason for ending their engagement and moving on with her life.

All signs began to point to the end in September when the two were no longer spotted together doing just about anything. Suddenly, A-Rod was having dinner by himself and captioning his photos with quips such as “Dinner for One,” and she was suddenly missing from his own Instagram pages, stories, and vice versa. The signs all pointed to the end, but the world wasn’t sure. However, it turns out there is no real reason that we know why Kathryne Padgett and A-Rod are over. They just didn’t work out.

What is Kathryne Padgett Up to Since Breaking Up With A-Rod?

Credit: @katpadgett

He’s Spending Time with His Family

Neither Kathryne Padgett nor A-Rod has said a word about their split to anyone in the press. They seem to have no desire to speak of anything to anyone, but someone claiming to be close to the baseball star is speaking out. This source claims to know this couple well and has a lot to say about the end of the relationship, including that Kathryne Padgett and A-Rod are on good terms.

“They’re good friends – they’re just each single. They broke up, but they’re super tight. It’s all good. Alex is having fun and hanging out with his family,” which does seem to be the case considering he took his daughter as his date to a University of Miami football game at the beginning of September. He seems okay and to be doing well on his own. If he is spending time with his kids and family, that is time well spent, and no one can complain about it.

What About Kathryne Padgett?

At the same time, it seems that Kathryne Padgett is doing much of the same as A-Rod. She’s okay, hanging out with her family and having a good time. She was recently spotted out at a baseball game for the Oakland A’s with her sister. Her sister, Raegen, is what Kathryne Padgett calls a WAG (wife and girlfriend), considering she is engaged to A’s catcher Shea Langeliers. The couple became engaged earlier this year, and he just made his debut with his new team. She joined her sister to watch her future brother-in-law play ball, and she seemed happier than ever.

What is Kathryne Padgett Up to Since Breaking Up With A-Rod?

Credit: @katpadgett

All in all, this is a romance that seemed to run the course that we all thought it might run. A-Rod is significantly older than the 25-year-old Padgett, and it seemed to be a fun time for both. A chance for her to get out and see the world and have some A-list living on her side, and a time for him to move on from his long-term relationship with the most famous woman in America. It never did seem to us that either of them was in this for the long run, and we hope that they each made a new friend and made some good memories with one another. That’s the best way to do it – and a source says that’s pretty much exactly what happened with these two. The time for this one was over, but everyone seemed to be in a good place.

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