Wesley Snipes Fully Supports Mahershala Ali as Blade

It’s always nice to hear actors support other actors that end up taking on the roles that they made popular in the first place, but in this case, it kind of feels like a lot of credit needs to be given to Wesley Snipe considering that he’s the one that helped to bring Blade to the big screen. Whether it’s true or not that he acted like a bit of a diva on the Blade: Trinity set, the first movie was a great way to bring this antihero to the big screen. It’s also bound to be heard that Blade was the first superhero of color when anyone mentions that Black Panther was the first hero of color on the big screen since many people tend to discount Blade since he wasn’t quite as popular as Spider-Man or the X-Men when he came out, but he did make it possible for people to want to see more Marvel characters on the big screen since the first movie was a lot of fun up to a point. But to hear that the man who made the character possible praise the man that is going to bring Blade into the MCU is very uplifting. 

It’s been rumored that Snipes would have loved to be taken back for the role that he helped to popularize, but it’s not certain whether or not he was ever a consideration, to begin with since Snipes did manage to incur a few legal problems many years ago and wasn’t the most popular individual after a while. Since then it’s been seen that he’s definitely tried to make a comeback, but it hasn’t been as successful as his initial run in the movies when he was one of the most popular men on the big screen and a lot of fun to watch in his various movies. From White Men Can’t Jump to Passenger 57 to Blade, he was, at one time, among the hottest things going in Hollywood. 

As of now, Mahershala Ali’s career has been growing in leaps and bounds as his first time coming into the MCU was as Cottonmouth in the Luke Cage series. While the show only lasted so long, Ali’s time in the spotlight has continued to come and go as he’s taken on many projects that have seen him grow in influence and made it apparent that he’s not bound to head off into obscurity any time soon. Bringing Blade back to the MCU is a good way to make certain that he’ll continue to have a job since it’s likely that the character might be able to find himself included in a number of stories that will call for his services and make the best use of him. How he’s going to fare as Blade in the coming movie, which hasn’t been given a lot of detail yet as far as anyone has seen, is up for debate, but Snipes took to social media to say that he’s going to do great, and that’s a shining seal of approval if there ever was one. Some might want to say that Snipes is making it appear that he’s all for it when in truth he wants the role, but at the very least, Snipes is being supportive and not trying to undermine Ali in any way that can be seen. 

There are going to be new faces in the MCU eventually since a lot of the heroes that are coming in are either going to be new to the MCU and will require new actors to play old roles that people have already seen in the past. The X-Men are the biggest question mark right now since no one knows who’s going to play which role and which characters are even going to be adapted since there are literally so many of them to pick from and trying to get them all on-screen could take a while. With Morbius coming out soon, however, it only makes sense for Blade to be on his way and hopefully not too far behind since the two characters have worked together in the past, and it’s already been seen that Sony and Marvel will work with one another when the time is right. 

At the moment it’s enough to realize that Snipes isn’t harboring any ill will toward anyone for not being given his old role. The unfortunate fact is that Snipes is starting to get old and while Blade is still bound to age, it’s already been explained in the movies that he does so far slower than a human. In other words, a fresh face for Blade is kind of needed to showcase what he can still do and the fact that he is a much different type of character than many others. But if the chance comes for him to work alongside other heroes, that would be cool. 

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