10 TV Characters We Think Would Win at Squid Game

10 TV Characters We Think Would Win at Squid Game

When Squid Game was released on Netflix in September of 2021, it quickly became one of the most popular shows on the platform. The series is centered around a character named Seong Gi-hun who falls into a tremendous amount of debt due to his gambling addiction. His life changes when he gets the chance to compete in a series of games in order to win a large cash prize. What he doesn’t know, however, is that the games he signed up to play are deadly and only one person can survive. Although almost all of the characters in the show met a bloody fate, we think there are some TV characters who could’ve made it all the way to the end. Keep reading to see which 10 TV characters we think would win at Squid Game.

1. Walter White from Breaking Bad 

Anyone who has ever seen Breaking Bad knows that Walter White has the perfect combination of toughness and intelligence. He is the kind of person who always finds a way to come up with a solution and he never backs down from a challenge. Thanks to his innovative thinking, he could’ve likely found a way to navigate his way through all of the games in Squid Game.

2. James St. Patrick from Power

If there’s one thing James St. Patrick AKA Ghost knows how to do, it’s outsmart all of the people around him. He is the kind of person who will do whatever it takes to get ahead, and he has a knack for manipulating others. This level of manipulation would certainly come in very handy in a competition like Squid Game.

3. Petyr Baelish from Game of Thrones

Lord Petyr Baelish is certainly no stranger to stranger to overcoming difficult situations. Game of Thrones fans saw him deal with lots of challenges throughout the show’s run. On top of that, he has no trouble outsmarting his enemies. In a contest like Squid Game, he would definitely be prepared to take on all of the challenges.

4. Dexter Morgan from Dexter

Dexter is arguably TV’s most likable serial killer because he only kills the bad guys. In order to get away with his crimes and still live a seemingly normal life, Dexter has to constantly be thinking a step ahead. If you’ve seen Squid Game, you know that the ability to think ahead can be very useful. Not only would Dexter do well in the games, but he might actually kill the competition in between challenges.

5. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory/Young Sheldon

Known for being highly intelligent, Sheldon Cooper is the star of not one, but two shows. Over the years, fans have fallen in love in love with him and it’s easy to see why. In addition to being smart, Sheldon has a bright personality and a great sense of humor. If anyone can outsmart the people behind the scenes of Squid Game, it’s Sheldon.

6. Don Draper from Mad Men

There are some people who have a killer instinct when it comes to competition, and Don Draper is one of them. When his back is against the wall, Don Draper has proven that he isn’t going to lose. Imagine how much more intense he would be if he knew that his life was literally on the line? In Squid Game, Don would do anything in order to be the last person standing.

7. Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons

Lisa Simpson is the only cartoon character on our list, and her spot is well deserved. She is easily the smartest member of the Simpson family, and she’s proven to be very crafty over the years. We could easily see Lisa coming up with ways to give herself a secret advantage in all of the games and make her way to the end.

8. The Professor from Money Heist 

All of the Money Heist fans out there know that The Professor is the king of playing risky games. Even though his plans don’t always go smoothly, he always manages to find a way to bounce back. With his leadership skills and charisma, he could probably get some of the other contestants to unknowingly help him through the competition. Side note: if you haven’t seen Money Heist it’s definitely worth checking out.

9. Angus Macgyver from Macgyver

Macgyver is famous for his intellect and his innovative way of thinking. There isn’t a problem he can’t solve. His strategy for winning the games would probably involve coming up with ways to outsmart the technology until he was the last contestant left alive.

10. Michael Scofield from Prison Break

First of all, anybody who is willing to put themselves in jail to help someone else escape is the kind of person you don’t want to mess with. Michael Scofield is a pro when it comes to figuring out exit strategies, and those skills would be put to good use in Squid Game.

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