Why Squid Game Season 2 Needs A New Protagonist

Why Squid Game Season 2 Needs A New Protagonist

The first season of Squid Game showed Seong Gi-hun, played by Lee Jung-jae, winning the eponymic series of deadly games. Understandably, a year later, Gi-hun is still haunted by the games as viewers see he refuses to spend his prize money and he is distraught when he sees Gong Yoo‘s character still recruiting for the game, the same way he was recruited.  By the end of Season 1’s last episode, Gi-hun intentionally misses his flight and establishes a mission to bring down the games.

Though the official plot of Season 2 has not been revealed yet, Gi-hun’s motivation to stop the games will likely be the driving force. However, if Gi-hun were to continue as the focus character of the series, it wouldn’t remain the same show that the viewers once loved. For Squid Game to deliver some of the magic that made Season 1 a hit, the show should instead focus on a new protagonist.

A New Protagonist In Squid Game Season 2 Will Retain The Heart Of The Show

Squid Game Season 2 Protagonist

Gi-hun, coming from a poor background and finding himself desperate enough to want to participate in the deadly games, is what made him a loved and relatable character. If Gi-hun were to suddenly turn from a humble and kind person to a vengeful one, this would essentially change his character and would destroy what the first season has already established. While his need for vengeance is understandable, part of the reason why the show worked was because of its brutally honest critique of how society treats the poor and underprivileged; abandoning that to focus on Gi-hun and his vengeance will strip away part of the heart of the show.

Season 2 of Squid Game can instead continue with the games but focus on new everyman protagonist, who we will follow through his journey of survival. While the new character will be the focus of the sotry, Gi-hun’s struggle to bring the games down can be told alongside the main story. Through this, the viewers will still be able to enjoy the (new) games because they will see much of it, while at the same time, Gi-hun will still be able to execute his mission.

Squid Game Season 2 Can Introduce The Perfect New Villain

Squid Game Season 2 Protagonist

At the end of Season 1, despite Oh Il-nam (the old man) dying, the games are still ongoing, which implies that there is a much stronger force among the ranks of Squid Game who plays a much more powerful role in the tournaments. Gi-hun can uncover who that villain is in the second season. However, a more appealing alternative can happen – Gi-hun will realize that he has been the villain all along after he has gone to extreme lengths for his mission. What’s interesting is that the first season revealed The Front Man of the games was a former winner, an even more radical alternative and choice for perfect villain will see Gi-Hun’s slow descent from survivor to becoming the Front Man himself.

Overall, Squid Game is a series that has already proven a lot. Changing major details, such as significantly altering Gi-hun’s character, in the second season might prove to be destructive to what made the first season great. Gi-hun is an admirable character, which made the viewers connect to him, and giving him a different personality will not sit well with those who have loved him, unless there will be a twist of some sort in the very end. However, if a new protagonist is introduced in Squid Game Season 2, that would prove far more interesting.

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