Is The Show Home Town on HGTV Fake?

Is The Show Home Town on HGTV Fake?

Is The Show Home Town on HGTV Fake?

Practically, every time a new show hits HGTV, people think it’s fake. Well, it’s for good reason, too; a lot of reality TV is heavily scripted. In this case, the question is pretty valid since Home Town‘s predecessor, Home Improvement, was quite fake. It gave off serious sitcom vibes and even had professional actors.

Needless to say, the show simply existed to entertain audiences, and it did so commendably. Now, there’s Home Town, and people are wondering if that’s fake too. Here are the answers below.

1. It Features A Real-Life Married Couple


The show features a real-life married couple that works together to create perfect homes. The couple in question are Erin and Ben Napier, and their show delivers a real small-town vibe every week. They’re just as passionate about the town of Laurel as they are about home restoration. It’s hard not to like the pair seeing as they’re humble and believable as they come. Could Home Town be fake based on this? Highly unlikely.

2. Two Seasons Already in the Can

Home T

According to TheList, they’ve already completed two seasons of Home Town, and it’s hard to hate on that. The Napiers spread a genuine sense of community that puts the “real” in reality TV. Needless to say, they’re the real deal and then some.

3. The Couple Met in College

Home Town 3

Their love story began when they were both in college. According to Parade, Erin was well aware of her significant other even before he noticed her. Erin Napier confesses that he was the BMOC that everybody seemed to know, so she wanted to be his friend, too. On the other hand, Ben Napier says that it was actually love at first sight for him. He thought that she looked really cool in her loose-fitting jeans and adorable trademark pixie haircut, and he was instantly hooked.

4. The Couple Live In Erin’s Dream Home

Home Town 4

Since she was a little girl, Erin Napier has known exactly which Laurel house she wanted to own. Since then, she has been keeping an eye on it and dreaming of buying it when she grew up. For years, she dreamed about living in the “little yellow cottage” that’s located in the middle of Laurel.

Later, she and Ben would dream about it together. Now, the dream has come true, and they moved into their dream home in 2008 after they got married. Since then, they have restored that 1925 house and created both a new story and home for themselves.

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