The Biggest Questions Tulsa King Season 2 Has To Answer

The Biggest Questions Tulsa King Season 2 Has To Answer
The Biggest Questions Tulsa King Season 2 Has To Answer

TV fanatics have waited years for Sylvester Stallone to embark on his first starring role in a television series. In 2022, Tulsa King landed on Paramount Plus and Stallone led the way. The show follows Dwight Manfredi (Stallone), a mafia capo who returns home to New York City after serving 25 years in prison. However, when he arrives, he isn’t given the welcome home he hoped for.

Following a tense meeting with his old crew, Dwight is exiled to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to tap into their untouched criminal underworld. But problems arise when Dwight realises Tulsa isn’t as untouched as he thought it would be. Before long, Dwight assembles his own crew of unlikely criminals and squares off with the local biker gang. On top of this, he strikes up a relationship with an ATF agent, a mistake that lands him right back in jail by the end of the season. So, with Tulsa King Season 2 on the way, let’s dive into some questions that need answering.

Will Dwight Stay in Jail For Tulsa King Season 2?

Sylvester Stallone in Tulsa King (2022)

Shortly after arriving in Tulsa, Dwight falls into a romantic relationship with ATF agent, Stacy Beale (Andrea Savage). After she discovers who he is, Stacy tries to warn Dwight about the heat that is on him. Doing so leads her to lose her job – and that doesn’t bode well with Dwight. Once Dwight and his gang take down the biker crew, Dwight steals their money and wires it over to Stacy. However, that doesn’t work out in his favour. Stacy turns Dwight over to her peers in return for her job back, sending Dwight right back to prison. So, the chances are that Tulsa King season two will be opening up with Dwight behind bars. But will he stay there for the whole season?

While it would change things up a bit, the likelihood that the whole season will take part in jail is rather slim. Dwight is a money-making machine. Therefore, he will be able to afford the best lawyer around. But that’s not to say we won’t get to see Dwight navigate the jail for an episode or two. But the reality is, Dwight needs to be on the outside to really grow his criminal empire.

Will Dwight’s Old New York Crew Come After Him?

Tulsa King Season 1

As Dwight relentlessly tries to rebuild his broken relationship with his daughter throughout the show, he also finds himself questioning the loyalty of his old crew. During an intense scene in episode five, Dwight discovers that a member of his crew assaulted his daughter, Tina, while he was in prison. Filled with anger, Dwight tracks the man down and beats him to death in front of the whole crew. While this goes unpunished in the later episodes, it is still a massive no-no in the mafia world.

As well as the murder of one of his own, Dwight also enlists a soldier from his old crew in the final episode of season one – another forbidden act in the mafia scene. His New York crew part ways but they don’t exactly leave on a good note. With Dwight heading back to prison in Tulsa King season two, he’s likely going to face the repercussions when his former family send someone after him inside.

Will Dwight Patch Things Up With His Daughter?

Sylvester Stallone and Tatiana Zappardino in Tulsa King (2022)

Sylvester Stallone truly shines in Tulsa King. He delivers a nuanced performance of a dangerous man who shields a kind heart underneath his tough exterior. His rendition sees him shift between moments of brutality and moments of absolution as he desperately tries to mend his broken relationship with Tina. As the season goes on, Tina slowly warms to Dwight. However, their new-found bond is shattered when Dwight is taken to jail once again.

The final frame of episode 9 shows Tina standing heartbroken at the side of the road while Dwight is hurled back to prison. After helping Dwight open his own bar, Tina is now involved in his business. So, if the two can patch things up in season two, we may actually see a 180 and see Tina adopt a larger role in her father’s criminal empire.

Will Dwight’s Tulsa Crew Expand In Season 2?

Sylvester Stallone, Garrett Hedlund, and Dashiell Connery in Tulsa King (2022)

With Dwight’s crew becoming more successful, it’s likely that it will expand in season two. However, news on the status of the show has been rather sparse ever since a second season was greenlit in late 2022. This is largely due to the ongoing strikes in Hollywood. Additionally, the series head writer, Terence Winter, announced he wouldn’t be returning for the second season.

This leaves Tulsa King in the capable hands of TV’s hardest working writer, and creator of the show, Taylor Sheridan. But with Sheridan working on so many other projects, a major question is when Tulsa King season 2 will be heading to the writer’s room? Therefore, Tulsa King seems to be hanging in the balance of the strikes in Hollywood. Additionally, this means no new casting details have been announced as of the time of this writing, as actors are striking alongside many writers.

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