The Tomorrow People 1.06 Review: “Sorry for Your Loss”

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One of the early strengths that The Tomorrow People has is their backstory episodes for the main characters. It’s a bit more important to establish where these characters come from, especially since this is a show about people with superpowers living under difficult circumstances.

This time it was Russell’s turn, and just like the previous two origin episodes for John and Cara, his was just as emotional. This was Aaron Yoo’s finest performance in the series so far as he showed his far more than just a wise-cracker.

The death of his father was a strong way of telling more about Russell, who is most of the time a very happy and positive character. It explained so much about him and it made sense that he was hiding a deeper pain by being so cheerful all the time. While it was definitely not fun to see Russell like this, it was still beautiful because it showed the viewers that while he is most of the time optimistic, there are some scars inside of him.

The episode gave the viewers a great opportunity to explore the relationship between Russell and John, who has a very nice dynamic together. Who doesn’t love a great bar fight? Just like they did on this week’s episode of Arrow, James Bamford and his team continues the great work week after week. It’s fun to see John and Russell fighting together not only because they are both so different from each other, but because it looks so great on screen.

“Sorry For Your Loss” also introduced Piper who turned out to be Darcy’s little sister. The sad part about this story though was the tragic death of Darcy who has become a fan-favorite. It was actually disappointing that they had to kill off a character so soon, especially someone who had this interesting relationship with Stephen. It would personally be great if there was a twist where Darcy actually survived, but from the look of it she is sadly dead.

Meta Golding brought so much likeable things to Darcy despite that she was working for Ultra and it will be interesting to see what will happen to Stephen’s position at Ultra. It was great that Darcy’s final act was to protect her little sister who will hopefully recur on the show. It would be nice to see Stephen being there for the person who Darcy gave her life for.

While it wasn’t featured a lot in this episode, the episode presented this little side-story for Jedikiah as he was interacting with Morgan, another homo-superior. While it’s uncertain what they have in store for the fans with this story, it’s definitely something intriguing and it’s good that even the villain has a love interest. Everyone deserves some love right?

It has been pretty clear since the pilot that there was some sparks going on between Stephen and Cara, but the question was when would they actually get closer? There had been some speculation that perhaps this story would develop more in their mid-season finale or somewhere around there.

It felt a bit too soon without doubt, but it didn’t necessarily lower the quality of this episode. The question is where do they go now? There will most likely be a huge fight between Stephen and John at some point, but hopefully this triangle drama will be done right. Love triangles are always very tricky to pull off, but with this amazing writers’ team, they will hopefully be able to make this work.

The writers are continuing to surprise their viewers week after week, which is why this show is starting to find its place much quicker compared to some other new dramas. The strength with The Tomorrow People is that the writers are clear on what they want to do and they let the viewers see it right away. It’s important for any new show to be clear right from the get-go so that the audience can be engaged as soon as possible.

“Sorry For Your Loss” was another stellar episode with amazing performances as well continuing to develop the show as a whole. With its recent full season pick-up, fans of The Tomorrow People are definitely in for a big treat.

The Tomorrow People airs Wednesday nights, 9/8c on The CW.

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