The Tomorrow People 1.13 Review: ”Things Fall Apart”


Something that we love about The Tomorrow People is all its twists as there are so many in basically every episode.

The “case” of the week was The Founder’s daughter, Cassie (played by the magnificent Serinda Swan) who was a great character for Stephen to handle which showed how much he has grown. While The Founder has sort of messed her up again, they at least left the door open for her to return and hopefully she will.

We get introduced to a new concept in this episode called “Synergist” which is basically a homo superior who is the child of two homo superiors. That was a pretty intriguing concept for them to introduce in the show.

When it was revealed that both of Cassie’s parents were homo superiors, we started wondering what the status of The Founder’s wife is at this point, unless we missed Cassie mentioning that during the episode. It would definitely be fun to see his wife show up as well and perhaps as an alley for the Tomorrow People.

It was a bit of a surprise that Stephen quit his job at Ultra (although his reason was understandable), but it was good to see him go against Jedikiah. Although it was a huge risk that he did that because Jedikiah has always been clear ever since the first couple of episodes that if Stephen doesn’t obey him, there will be consequences.

Something that also had a lot of focus this week was the struggle between John and Cara. We weren’t sure last week if they were still together and they basically confirmed this week that they weren’t. This will most likely open up the door a lot more to explore a Astrid and John hook-up which seems to be where they are going.

The subject of Cara’s decision to kick John out is something that can be debated in length because on one hand, she actually had a point that she is the leader and John should respect that. But on the other hand, John has done so much for her and the Tomorrow People that her decision to kick him out was a bit too harsh.

Despite that he went against her orders, Cara needs to remember that John was the leader once upon a time. Aside from what he did to Roger, if he takes a risk like the one he did last night, he knows what he is doing. This may sound weird, but it’s actually good that these characters are struggling over something like this instead of having a triangle drama.

We have known for a while that Marla has had some secrets of her own and that she knows more about the homo superiors than Stephen realizes. But last night, the show featured its biggest twist as of yet which was that Marla is in fact, a homo superior herself.

This is one of the several reasons why The Tomorrow People is more unique than people realizes when it comes to shows featuring young people with super-powers. The fact that not only is Roger Price a parent with powers, but so is Marla.

This will basically make the whole family much more connected to the main storylines. The final scene when she revealed, in front of Stephen, that she is just like him, was the perfect way to end on as we are now going to have to wait a couple of weeks. This revelation was so big because we didn’t see it coming, especially since there have never been any hints given to us throughout the season. But it was a great surprise and something that is going to make these next couple of episodes very interesting.

Overall, “Things Fall Apart” is one of the best episodes of the season so far because it did something that probably a lot of us didn’t see coming when it comes to Marla. The cast did as always a great job and the same can be said about the writing and the directing. It was a bit of a letdown that the ratings dropped a little bit. Hopefully after that cliffhanger, more people will tune in and the numbers will go up again once the show returns.

The Tomorrow People returns with new episodes on Wednesday February 26th, 9/8c on The CW.

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