The Tomorrow People 1.09 Review: ”Death’s Door”


The Tomorrow People has been one of the new shows this fall that has been a strong sci-fi drama with fascinating characters as well as great storylines, which is thanks to the cast and writers.

The episode picks up right where “Thanatos” left off last week with John being captured by Ultra. His scene with The Founder was intense and it showed once again that The Founder is a serious baddie and that he is without doubt going to play a large role in the second half of the season. Simon Merrells brings a lot of fun to this character and he is a great addition to the show.

The episode reveals more about Morgan, both as an individual character as well as her relationship with Jedikiah. Mark Pellegrino has shined as the villain of the series since the pilot, but for the past two weeks, he has brought Jedikiah to a whole new level as the viewers are getting to see more layers of him.

The fact that they showed him crying when he was about to “kill” Morgan, was one of the best scenes in the whole episode. It’s always been a fact that Jedikiah is a complex character, but they made it even clearer this week. He is however in a dangerous position with The Founder so he better be careful in these next couple of episodes.

His scene with John when he kissed him on his forehead before getting spit in the face by John was a powerful scene. It showed even more how much John truly hates Jedikiah and that he really doesn’t want to have this father-son relationship with him. The writers are continuing to twist several elements in this show and one of them this week was Jedikiah actually helping John and the Tomorrow People. That will be an interesting arc to follow when the show comes back.

Stephen learns more about Thanatos this week and seeing the tapes with Roger and Aldus was one of the favorite aspects of the episode. It was sad however that Nick Young’s character was killed off because he is an amazing actor and it would have been great to have seen him in a few more episodes.

It was nice to see Sarah Clarke back as Marla who is one of the best mothers on TV right now. One of the things that the writers did a great job with her in “Death’s Door” was to reveal that she actually knows more then she is willing to tell.

The scene at the house when Stephen is with the Tomorrow People, Astrid and his mom was one of the best scenes in “Thanatos”. It felt like a good pay-off to finally see them in the same room and there were a lot of adorable moments during that scene.

It would be fun to see Russell and Astrid as a potential couple or perhaps even Astrid and John. But the main reason why this scene worked so much was because for once, these characters could actually enjoy life a bit, despite Stephen’s main reason (which was a good one) to bring them together. Hopefully Astid will get to interact more with the gang in 2014 because she could definitely play an interesting role even though she is a human.

Stephen’s goal to get into Limbo was a nice A-story of the episode and seeing these four characters working together shows how much closer they have become as a group. The scene when they almost lost Stephen was one of those examples. Despite that it was a frustrating cliffhanger — in a good way of course -, it was a great way to end this first run of the season.

Overall, “Death’s Door” was a fantastic mid-season finale with great performances as always based on a strong script. The second half of the season will definitely be worth tuning in for because based on how these nine episodes have progressed so far, The Tomorrow People is definitely going to get to a whole new level when they come back from the hiatus.

The Tomorrow People will return with new episodes on Wednesday, January 15, 2014, 9/8c on The CW.

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