The Tomorrow People 1.07 “Limbo” Review


There have so far been at least two or more twists in each episode of The Tomorrow People which has been one of the show’s strengths. They manage to surprise the viewers’ basically every week with the majority of their story lines.
Last week, they featured Stephen and Cara making out which later on lead to more and while it was speculated that John would find out in the mid-season finale, the writers decided to surprise the fans once again. As mentioned last week, triangle dramas can be tricky to pull off, especially in the beginning, but in this case they made it a bit different.

It may actually be a huge advantage for The Tomorrow People to already be at this stage with this triangle. John knows that Stephen does have a thing for Cara and he knows how Cara looks at it. At this point, there will most likely be some tension between John and Stephen because it will probably take a while before John can fully trust him again.

Whether they are in a relationship or not, there is a connection between Stephen and Cara which may be something deeper in the whole Homo Superior mythology. But it seems that as of now, the triangle drama won’t be as big of a focus as expected which may be a good thing.

It was definitely a highlight to see Cara break up John and Stephen’s fight after the game and without slamming the character, Stephen pretty much deserved what John was doing to him during it.

This episode was a lot of fun mostly because Stephen basically got owned by Jedikiah for misusing his powers to get popular. While it didn’t make him look good by being with with Cara (despite that knowing that she is with John), in addition, playing around with powers, one can’t help but feel sorry for the guy after the end of the episode.

The case of the week was one scary character to feature. Ben Cotton’s performance was intimidating in a good way and to have Stephen go up against him, without powers made that plot even more intriguing.

It’s safe to say that Peyton List is officially one of television’s strongest actresses as Cara continues to show that when she is angry, bad guys should just surrender. It was interesting to see that for a second there, Cara was so full of rage that she wanted to kill the guy while forgetting that she can’t.

James Bamford and his team keeps knocking out of the park with all the action that they feature in each episode and this week was no exception.

Despite Stephen’s actions earlier, by trying to stop this dangerous person alone, it actually made him shine a bit. Amell’s protagonist is definitely different compared to other TV shows and that is what makes him stand out a bit. They are definitely trying to find a balance in this character and Amell’s great performance makes the character’s evolution that more intriguing.

Something that wasn’t expected in this episode was the brief interaction that Stephen had with his father during his “limbo”. Roger Price has so far been the show’s most mysterious character and it’s definitely a highlight whenever they feature Jeffrey Pierce in an episode. This was a good new clue for the characters to get as they need to start getting a little bit closer of finding out what happened to him.

It’s good that Stephen decided to tell John and Cara immediately because that is also another good reason why they need to focus less on the triangle and more on finding Stephen’s father. The writers’ for this episode deserves a big prop for including that in “Limbo” because while relationships are interesting, this show has so much else going on right now.

Overall, “Limbo” was another solid episode as the writing for this show just gets better each week as well as the characters. The show keeps growing and they are definitely raising the stakes as the threats are getting more powerful. It will be exciting to see what the two final episodes before the winter hiatus will have in store for the fans.

The Tomorrow People will return on December 4 with episode 8, “Thanatos”, 9/8c on The CW.

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