The Tomorrow People 1.05 Review: “All Tomorrow’s Parties”


“All Tomorrow’s Parties” is the strongest episode of The Tomorrow People since it started. We’re seeing so much more development in these characters and the series has kept surprising me, episode after episode.

There are a lot of things to love about this episode, one being the relationships. We finally get to a better place in the Astrid and Stephen relationship as he finally decided to open up and reveal that he has powers. I didn’t expect them to get to this point so soon, but it’s actually a great step for their relationship.

Now Stephen can finally turn to someone who is human for support when all the Ultra stuff gets too much for him. Mantock and Amell definitely have chemistry and I’m excited to see what happens next with them.

That final scene was also one of the episode’s most beautiful shots and it’s not a surprise since Nick Copus directed this episode (great director on Arrow).

Don’t you just love a butt-kicking fight? The Tomorrow People does their fighting scenes so well, whether it’s versus the enemy or a jaunt fight. I love how James Bamford and his team have made these kinds of fights which are partly special effects, make look so good.

It has to be a challenge for them to choreograph those kinds of action scenes, but they definitely succeed every time. I would love if The CW released stunt-work videos for this show like they do for Arrow.

Another secret that also got out sooner than I thought was John’s, as Cara found out that he can in fact kill. I’m wondering whether this was a good move or not for Cara to find out because how long will she keep the secret? It definitely changes their relationship now and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cara actually telling on John eventually.

This mysterious partner, Jedikiah, fascinated me as I had no idea who it was, but I’m sure we will find out soon. I think it was clever of that person to actually hide and leave it as a mystery for now because it’s good when we don’t get everything right away.

What really fascinated me was that even Jedikiah seems to fear this partner, despite that he is trying to hide it.

I was shocked by Kurt’s betrayal and it made disappointed in a way because that character had potential as well as being this student to Stephen who was kind of a mentor in their first episode together. But from a character perspective, I can understand why the pressure would get to him in the end and that he would give up at least one of them, in this case, John.

But what was really heartbreaking to see was Russell who had formed this off-screen relationship with Kurt. Most of the time we see him as this wise-cracking and positive guy, but to see Aaron Yoo’s character just lose it was emotional. I hope to see more dramatic scenes for him in the next couple of episodes because there needs to be a balance between the comedic and serious tones.

The writing for this episode was phenomenal because it had so many twists that we either weren’t expecting so soon or not at all. The Tomorrow People is definitely separated from the X-Men comparisons, at least from my point of view.

It has its own tone and its own mythology which I’m glad for because I was starting to get tired of all the comparisons to Heroes, Alphas and X-Men. I think by the end of season one, those commenters won’t be comparing the show to anything else. Because if you think about it, the concept was made in the 70’s and aside from X-Men, The Tomorrow People did it before Heroes and Alphas.

Overall, “All Tomorrow’s Parties” was a strong episode and once again, the best episode so far of the new CW drama. It’s also my favorite episode next to last week’s episode “Kill or Be Killed” and I will be shocked if we don’t hear an announcement of a full season pick up from The CW.

The Tomorrow People airs Wednesday nights, 9/8c on The CW.

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