10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tilda Harris

Tilda Harris is making headlines. She’s the social media influencer who has the entire world talking, and she’s not doing what everyone else is doing. Sure, she’s TikTok famous and she has tens of thousands of followers on the ‘gram. But, she’s not showcasing her lip syncing or catchy dancing. She’s showing off her makeup skills. More importantly, she is showing off what she looks like before and what she looks like after. She doesn’t appear to be the same person when she’s doing her after photos, but she is. She’s beautiful either way, but what we love the most about her – and what is so refreshing about her – is the fact that she’s not using filters. She’s not sharing her ‘real’ face all filtered and pretending this is what she looks like. She’s showing her real face, in real-time, doing real things, and she is doing it well. She’s got a lot going for her, and we appreciate what she brings to the table.

1. She’s Incredibly Talented

This is a woman who can do anything with a makeup brush and some color. She has shown her videos time and time again, and she looks like two completely different people by the time she is finished. Her work is stellar, and her talent is paramount.

2. She’s Not Worried About You

What we love the most about Harris is that she’s not worried about what anyone else thinks of her. She’s in this to win this, and she is happy to have so many people following along on her journey – but she’s not going to mind if you don’t follow along. She’s good. She’s got all she needs to keep her life in check, and she’s happy to be where she is.

3. She is Young

She is the kind of woman who is so good with makeup in her videos that pinpointing her age is nothing if not next to impossible. She’s working on some serious skills, which is why people never know how old she is. She’s actually quite young, which is not that much of a surprise. She was born on March 3, 1995.

4. She is from Nigeria

She was born and raised in Nigeria along with her sister. While we don’t know too much about her family and her childhood growing up there, we do know that she learned makeup along the way. We aren’t sure if she is self-taught, or if she is just a naturally talented woman, but she’s impressive nonetheless.

5. She Raises Awareness

Her entire focus online is to raise awareness. She does not shy away from talking about the issues that need to be discussed. She’s working hard on bringing awareness to racial issues, to body type issues, and she even talks about things like social awareness – and her followers listen.

6. She is Educated

Before she decided she’d go crazy with her followers and fans – not that it was her decision…she’s just talented and people wanted to follow along – she was a college student. She studied public administration at a higher learning institution called the University of Lagos.

7. She is a Mom

One thing we can say about this young woman is that she is a proud mother – even if we didn’t know she had a daughter until she shared some lovely photos online. She is a lovely young woman, and it is clear that her mother is proud to be her mother.

8. She is Not Into Boring

Life is too short. She knows this. She’s not into wearing boring clothes or doing boring things. She’s into doing things her own way, on her own time, and when she is in the mood. You won’t find her being basic, ever.

9. She’s Private

She’s got a public personality with millions of followers and even more likes, but she is a woman who has so much going for her outside of everything else in her life. She is impressive on so many levels, and we cannot give her enough credit for how much of her life she has managed to keep private and to herself despite the public being aware of so much.

10. She is Talented with Reels

Our favorite, if we had to pic, is her Instagram reel section. She’s good with them. She chooses simple reels that really showcase her talents and her skills, and she’s got plenty of those if we are being quite honest. She is a force, and we appreciate it.

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