Three Important Lessons Thomas Doherty Has Learned During His Acting Career

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Thomas Doherty is a talented actor who learns from every role he takes on. He was born on April 21, 1995, in Scotland, and he grew up in Edinburgh. His mother and father both worked in the banking industry, and he and his two siblings spent a lot of time together growing up. He knew during his teenage years that becoming an actor was something he was interested in doing, which is why he studied acting following high school. With the support of his friends and family, he made a name for himself in the industry. While he’s only in his mid-to-late 20s now, he’s already accomplished a lot, and the Gossip Girl (reboot) actor is learning a lot of life lessons. What are some of the lessons Thomas Doherty has learned in his life?

Thomas Doherty Learned a Lot About Sexuality

He’s a man who has only ever dated women, but he’s learned a great deal about them and their sexuality. When he was cast in the Disney Channel movie Descendants 2, he met actress and singer Dove Cameron. They began dating, and they spent three years together. Their relationship began in 2017 and ended in 2020, and he learned a lot from her. Cameron has called herself both bisexual and queer, though her only two public relationships were with men. Thomas Doherty and Ryan McCartan. Their relationship taught Doherty a lot, but it was his role in the Gossip Girl reboot that taught him more.

Credit: @thomasadoherty

Doherty portrayed Max Wolfe. Max is a character who identifies as pansexual, which is a person who is attracted to people regardless of their gender. During his time playing a pansexual young man, he learned a few things about sexuality. He is heterosexual, but he now views sexuality as a spectrum rather than a label.

Thomas Doherty Learned to Play the Guitar

He might not be a musician in real life, but he is on television. He was cast in a show called High Fidelity, in which he works as a musician. During his time on the show, he chose to learn a few things about the music industry. He’s learned to play the guitar, and it’s become something of a pleasure for him. He’s quite good, too, but he has no plans of pursuing a career in the music industry. Despite learning this cool instrument, his only music industry dreams are the ones his characters have when he is cast in a project like this one. However, we do find it cool that he took the time to learn to play the guitar when he was given the role.

The story he tells is a great one. Essentially, he lied. Maybe he acted…it is his job, after all. “I went into the audition, and the final question was, ‘Do you by chance play the guitar?’ When you’re a musician, you just say yes to everything. So I learned how to play the guitar,” said Doherty of the role he landed. He did not know how to play the guitar, but the motivation was there following that small lie.

Credit: @thomasadoherty

Thomas Doherty Thinks the Past Belongs in the Past

If he is curious about what went wrong in his relationship with Dove Cameron, he’s going to let it go. He once said that he feels the past belongs in the past. “I don’t think it’s wise to dig up the past. You can reflect on it, but maybe not go and see them all,” he said of figuring out what goes wrong in past relationships. He learned this throughout his life based on his own experiences and feelings, and it is a wise thought.

Going into the past to see what went wrong is almost pointless. You cannot change it. You can only learn from the mistakes you make in life, and you grow. For Thomas Doherty, we imagine he knows what he could have done differently or better in his past relationships, and we imagine he’s learning from those things. While we cannot speak for him, it seems likely he’d take the things he finds worthy of improvement and apply those to his future romances.

At the end of the day, though, Thomas Doherty seems to be single. He is focused on his career and where he will go from there, and it shows. He’s landed a lot of great gigs in the past few years, and he continues to see his star rise. For now, he’s learning all he can, he’s making sure he does what he can to land a role, and he’s applying good sense. Well, maybe not, but at least he has the good sense to follow through on his minor non-truths when he utters them.

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