10 Interesting Things About Danielle Harris 

10 Interesting Things About Danielle Harris 

credit: Halloween: The Return of Michael Myers

Danielle Harris is better known as the scream queen of Hollywood, and for good reasons. She may not be as popular as she once was, but in the slasher/horror genre, few names even come close.

Danielle Harris has certainly come a long way since her days of playing Jamie Lloyd. For fans who remember her works in horror films and those looking to know more about the actress, here are 10 interesting facts about Danielle Harris to keep in mind.

1. Danielle Harris’s Film Debut was Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Although it was not the first time Danielle Harris would be on television, nothing probably prepared the eleven-year-old for the fame Jamie Lloyd would bring her. In Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Jamie Lloyd was the movie’s new main protagonist and a niece of Michael Myers.

2. Danielle Harris also Modeled as a Child

Danielle Harris’s journey into the entertainment industry is one that started from a young age. As the winner of a beauty contest organized in her elementary school, Danielle Harris was awarded a ten-day trip to New York City. Although she received lots of modeling job offers, being away from home wasn’t an option at that age.

Opportunity later presented itself when her mom was transferred to New York for work. Harris reconnected with the modeling agencies and got jobs that paved the way for her to appear in TV commercials.

3. Danielle Harris was Born Jewish

While she might not immediately look the part, Danielle Harris was actually born into a Jewish home. Although it’s hard to verify if she still identifies with the faith, there’s no doubt the Jewish faith helped shape her upbringing. Harris’s mother raised both her and her sister, Ashley.

4. Danielle Harris Highest-Grossing Film

10 Interesting Things About Danielle Harris 

credit: City Slickers

Danielle Harris is known for playing supporting roles in most of her movies. As such, the highest-grossing films in which she is featured (irrespective of the role she played) are those in which her character is hardly noticed. She played the character of Angel in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a classroom student in 1991 City Slickers, and Gwenie, a runaway orphan in Free Willy. The films grossed $377.4 million, $180 million, and $153.7 million at the Box Office, respectively.

5. Danielle Harris Stalking Incident with an Obsessed Fan

One great fear for entertainers is having to deal with fans who have become uncomfortably obsessed. The stalker, Christopher Small, was more obsessed with Harris’ character, Molly Tilden, from the TV series Roseanne than he was with her. Not being able to differentiate the two personalities, Small sent threatening letters to Harris in 1995.

Small was eventually arrested when he decided to show up at Harris’s home with a shotgun and a teddy bear. He resumed stalking her again in 2009 by sending her DMs on Twitter. Taking no chances, Harris quickly got a restraining order against Christopher Small.

6. Who is Danielle Harris’ Husband?

10 Interesting Things About Danielle Harris 

credit: @horrorgal

Danielle Harris is happily married to David Gross. Harris announced her engagement in 2014, with the couple getting married the next year in a private ceremony in Hawaii. The couple is blessed with two sons, born in 2017 and late 2018.

7. Danielle Harris First On-screen Nudity

10 Interesting Things About Danielle Harris 

credit: Halloween

With her return to the horror film, Danielle Harris was offered to play the character of Annie Brackett in Rob Zombie’s remake of the 1978 slasher film Halloween. In one scene, Harris’ character’s sex scene is interrupted by Michael Myers, who proceeds to drag Harris on the floor in an attempted rape. To stay in character, Harris said she refused offers to fully cover herself up while on set when the camera wasn’t rolling.

8. Danielle Harris is a Successful Voice Actress

10 Interesting Things About Danielle Harris 

credit: The Wild Thornberrys Movie

Away from the horror genre, Danielle Harris got an offer for a voiceover for Debbie Thornberry in 2002 The Wild Thornberrys Movie. She continued to play the voice role for the character in subsequent films and TV series like 2003 Rugrats Go Wild.

9. What is Danielle Harris’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Danielle Harris has an estimated net worth of $10 million. As the scream queen, it’s safe to say that most of her net worth came from acting in horror movies.

10. Danielle Harris has an Active Patreon Account

10 Interesting Things About Danielle Harris 

credit: @horrorgal

Danielle Harris runs a Patreon account where she encourages fans and admirers to subscribe for exclusive content not available to the public. Subscription starts from as low as $5 to $100 monthly for more exclusive intimate content. The link to the Patreon account is readily available on her official website daniellharris.com.

On the website, fans can also listen in on her Talk Scary to Me podcast and purchase merchandise. Additionally, Harris, who is equally active on Instagram, uses the social media platform extensively to link to her website.

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