10 Things You Didn’t Know about Shin Hyun-bin

For more than a decade, Shin Hyun-bin has been making waves as a movie star. She’s one of the most famous movie stars in her region, and her fans adore her. She’s taken on each role with vigor, and she’s turned her characters into something special. She’s currently working alongside some of the biggest stars in the world, and her fans are learning that she’s about to become an international star rather than the South Korean star she is now. It’s time for all of us to get to know her better.

1. She is an 80s Baby

She got to grow up in a cool era. She was born in the 80s, which was right on the cusp of being the last generation to get to grow up in a world that was not even remotely overcome by technology. She got to grow up in a world where cell phones were not everywhere, the internet was not a thing, and social media did not exist. It was a good time. She was born on April 10, 1986, which makes her 35 as of 2021.

2. She’s Educated

After she graduated from high school, she knew she wanted to get a college education. As someone always interested in the arts, she enrolled in courses at the Korean National University of the Arts and obtain her degree in art theory. It’s useful to her in her current career.

3. She is Always Different

One thing that is very interesting to people about this actress is that while they know her well and know her work, she always looks so different in each role she takes on that many people don’t recognize her when she stars in a new project. She doesn’t mind, though. She likes to do her work and make magic, and it doesn’t matter if people recognize her when she does that.

4. She Doesn’t Rely on Stylists

Something that makes her stand out from other stars, too, is that she’s not one to listen to stylists. She is someone more apt to listen to herself and to focus on things like how she feels her own character should look. She’s very much into styling herself, and her stylists on the set get very little say in what she looks like – and it works.

5. She Didn’t Begin Acting Until After College

Acting simply was not on her radar while she studied. She was very into the arts and becoming an artist, and it simply never occurred to her prior to that to work in the arts but in a different capacity. She did what she had to do to get through college and learn all she could about art theory, and then she shifted her focus only after she graduated.

6. She Didn’t Feel She was An Artist

When she graduated college and began to focus on her acting, she did so only because she did not feel she could be an artist. In her own words, she did not feel as if she was talented or passionate enough to spend the rest of her life as an artist, in the same manner, she was studying in college. It was a realization we imagine she did not come to overnight, though.

7. She’s Calm

If she has to describe herself as a person, she will use the word calm. She finds that she is a woman who is calm and rational, she takes the time to consider things, to think them over, and she rarely acts irrationally or without thinking things through first. She’s got the ability to remain calm in almost any situation, and that is truly a gift (spoken by someone who is incapable of remaining calm in any situation).

8. She Doesn’t Believe in Plans

Perhaps that is a strong statement. It’s not that she doesn’t plan or believe that people should make a plan. It’s more that she believes that life rarely goes according to plan, which is not an inaccurate belief. What is that old saying about plans? You can make them all you want, but that doesn’t mean anything.

9. Privacy is Important

This is one woman who knows that being in the spotlight can be exhausting. It is part of the job, and it is not something you can avoid forever if you plan on being part of this career forever, but it is also something that you can focus on in a different manner. She manages to balance it all out by keeping her private life to herself, and she doesn’t seem to have any problem doing it.

10. She’s Strong

She’s a strong woman who is in control. She knows what she wants, how to get it, and she is not afraid to chase her dreams. She’s also unafraid to make changes, to deviate from the path, and to make things happen in her life that she might not have previously imagined happening.

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