10 Things You Didn’t Know about Emma Hernan

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Emma Hernan

Everyone is excited that their favorite Netflix show is coming back for at least two more seasons. “Selling Sunset,” is a guilty pleasure by itself, but following along as the cast and the agents on the show navigate their lives has been even more of a thrill. The women on the show have become household names, and now it’s time for Emma Hernan to take her place on the show. She’s the newest face to come to our living rooms in the coming seasons, and fans are already curious to know who she is and what she is all about.

1. She is Young

It turns out that she is quite a bit younger than some of the other women on the show, but there is not a thing wrong with that. She’s still in her 20s, and we aren’t sure any of the other agents are quite as young. Hernan was born in July of 1991, which means she’s about to celebrate a milestone birthday as she reaches 30 in 2021.

2. She is a Former Model

Before she was filming roles on reality television, she worked as a model. She was Miss COED 2015, and that title turned into a lot of modeling work. In light of her modeling success, she’s been able to gain numerous followers on her social media accounts, and this has allowed her to find fame there, too.

3. She is a Business Owner

This is not a woman who relies on one stream of income to rock her world. She has her own frozen food company on top of everything else that she is doing in life, and she enjoys it. her company is Emma Leigh & Co. and she focuses on things like vegan options and plant-based options. She is also happy to share her favorite recipes and ideas on her social media accounts.

4. She is from Boston

She might look like a bona fide California girl with her bright blonde hair, but she’s a native Bostonian. She was raised on the east coast, and in New England at that. She spent her entire life there until she chose to move to the west coast and spend time in LA.

5. She is Huge on Instagram

She’s a successful model and business owner, and she’s managed to amass almost 1 million followers on Instagram. This puts her at mega-influencer status, and she’s working it. She currently has 943k followers as of July 1, 2021, and we expect that number to jump exponentially as she continues to see her name published alongside the rest of the SS stars.

6. She is a Dog Lover

In general, she’s just an animal lover. However, she has a sweet dog and she loves to post photos alongside her pup. Her dog is a male, and she calls him the boy who stole her heart as she poses with him in a green couch at a table having a Sunday Brunch with the pup earlier in the summer.

7. She is an Angel Investor

What this means is that she is a woman with a large net worth who is willing to invest money into companies that are just getting started. She takes her money and invests it into a small startup that she finds promising, and she – in return – gets to be part of many new businesses that are both successful and some that are not. It’s a gamble, but it’s one that typically pays off if you are good at figuring out what works.

8. Her Own Home Purchase Turned her Into An Agent

When she was ready to purchase her own home, she was inspired to get her real estate license and begin to work in the real estate field. She’s managed to acquire a number of high-profile clients along the way, and she’s done well for herself.

9. She is Self-Made

While we don’t know what her net worth is, we do know that she is self-made. She is considered a multi-millionaire, and she did it all on her own. She went to work, she worked hard, and she managed to create success in her own life that brings her joy and happiness in anything that she does.

10. Fans are Excited About Her

Regardless what she’s like off camera, the world is excited to get to see her when she becomes part of this new season of everyone’s favorite show. She seems friendly with some of the other cast members already, and it seems that they have nothing but sweet things to say about her. We are excited for this to come back.

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