10 Things You Didn’t Know about Indy Lewis

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Indy Lewis

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Indy Lewis

Indy Lewis is still in the early stages of her professional acting career, so most people may not be familiar with her yet. Nonetheless, based on what she has presented to viewers so far, I believe we’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the future. Recently, it was announced that Indy will be joining the cast of the TV series Industry as a series regular for the upcoming season. This role could potentially bring her more recognition and could even open the door to larger opportunities. Even if you’re not familiar with her yet, Indy Lewis is a name that you should definitely keep an eye on. Continue reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Indy Lewis.

1. She Is From England

Since Indy is still relatively new to the industry, there isn’t much information out there on who she is or where she’s from. However, from what we’ve gathered, it appears that she is originally from the London area and probably still resides there. Nevertheless, she is already on the brink of becoming renowned across the globe.

2. She Is Not On Social Media

When people want to know more about someone, social media is often the first place they look. Unfortunately, for those who want to learn more about Indy, social media won’t be of much help. She doesn’t appear to have any accounts on any social media platforms.

3. She Is A Natural in Front of the Camera

Despite having just dipped her toes into the industry, Indy carries herself with the poise and professionalism of someone who has been in front of the camera for many years. If you didn’t know that she was relatively new to professional acting, you’d never be able to tell by watching her in action.

4. She is A Private Person

Being in the spotlight can be addictive. Once some people get a taste of what it’s like, they can’t help but do whatever it takes to stay at the center of attention. However, Indy appears to be different. Not only does she not use social media, but she is also very low-key overall, and there isn’t much information about her available online.

5. She Is Signed to a Talent Agency

Since making her on-screen debut, Indy has already made considerable progress in her career. She is signed to The Curtis Brown Group, a UK-based agency representing actors, authors, comedians, and other individuals in the entertainment/performance industry.

6. She Doesn’t Have Much On-Screen Experience

Indy made her TV debut in 2020 and since then, she has only made one other TV appearance. As mentioned earlier, however, don’t let the lack of experience fool you. Her resume might be a little sparse at the moment, but over the next few years, she’ll likely be able to add a lot of new experiences.

7. She Was In An Axe Commercial

In addition to her TV roles, Indy has also made an impact in the advertising world. According to her resume, she was featured in a commercial for the popular body spray brand, Axe. Ads certainly aren’t the most glamorous thing the industry has to offer, but they can often be a great stepping stone.

8. She Appeared in Industry in 2020

Indy joining the cast of Industry as a series regular isn’t her first time being part of the show; in fact, her first on-screen appearance was actually a guest role. Being promoted to a regular is likely a dream come true for the budding actress, especially since landing any kind of acting gig is always a challenge.

9. It’s Unclear If She’s Had Formal Acting Training

Since there isn’t a lot of information available online about Indy, we weren’t able to uncover any details on what inspired her to get into acting initially. We also couldn’t find any information on whether she attended any kind of acting school. However, since her resume doesn’t list any formal training, it’s likely that she got her start by simply jumping into the audition process.

10. It’s Unclear How Old She Is

Age and the entertainment industry have always had an interesting relationship. On one hand, older actors are often cast to play the parts of much younger characters, while on the other, it’s common for actors to claim to be younger than they are. While there are no sources that revealed Indy’s age, it is more than likely that she is somewhere in her early/mid-20s.

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