10 Things You Didn’t Know about Derek Xiao

Fans of “Big Brother,” tune in every season to see who will be in the house next, who will win, who will be the villain, if there are any romances on the horizon, and so much more. It’s a multi-faceted show in that every storyline has its own way of entertaining all of us. Derek Xiao is a man who is starring in the show’s 23rd season, and it’s slated to be even more interesting than people imagine. He’s a man who was cast to be part of one of the most interesting casts, and we found out everything we thought you might need to know.

1. He Has a Plan

Going into the show, Derek Xiao had a plan. His plan is simple. Become friends with everyone. He figures if you can build friendships with the people on the show, you can then make them alliances. In his mind, it’s all about logic, friendship, and basic human nature.

2. He is from Baltimore

He’s a native of Maryland, but he no longer lives in Baltimore. He currently spends his time in New York City. He lives and works in the city, but he’s only been there a few years. His college education was spent in his native Maryland, so he didn’t come to New York until he completed his education.

3. He’s a College Grad

He’s a college graduate. He left the University of Maryland in 2019 with his bachelor’s degree. It was at some point after that he moved to New York. He spent some time working as an intern in the city, but he had other ideas about what he wanted to do with his life and his career.

4. He Founded a Company

Xiao had a plan. He was an intern at a software engineer firm, but he had some different plans. He wanted to launch his own meal prep service, so he did. He calls it Remy, and he guarantees that his meals are ready in under 15 minutes.

5. He Loves to Cook

His love of cooking is what led him down this path. Growing up, he learned how to cook on his own out of a sense of necessity. His mom cooked for the family, but she only cooked Chinese food. While Xiao likes Chinese food – and his mother’s cooking – he also liked other foods, so he had to teach himself to cook so he could have things his mom did not cook.

6. He’s Still Young

Of course, you probably inferred he is still young based on his 2019 college graduation, but people go to college at all ages and graduate, so you’re never going to be right every time. He is, however, still young. Derek is only 24.

7. He Loves Chess

What is so fascinating about chess is not just that it’s entertaining to play, but that it requires a certain level of patience and intelligence. If you don’t have both, you cannot play. The game will bore you, you won’t find it interesting, and you will never win. Xiao has both the patience and the intelligence to play the game, and he very much enjoys it.

8. He Surfs

Another activity that he has been focusing on as of late is surfing. Physical exertion and activity are some things that he enjoys. It helps build stamina and it helps build endurance, and it’s so good for the body. He enjoys it, but he doesn’t mention whether or not he’s any good.

9. He Laughs at Himself First

One thing that he’s good at doing is laughing at himself first. He is not someone who takes himself too seriously. He knows that when you take the time to laugh at yourself, you also take the time to make sure that no one else is laughing at you. At this point, they’re all simply laughing with you. It’s a game-changer for so many people.

10. He is Well-Rounded

Growing up with a traditional Chinese mother, he did learn to enjoy some of the more traditional aspects of his heritage. In addition to learning to cook, he also grew up playing both tennis and taking piano lessons. At this point in his life, he can cook for his friends and family, he can play them the piano, challenge them to a game of chess, have a great tennis match, and even go surfing to unwind. He’s very well-rounded, which is something that he is quite proud of. Here’s what he does not like, though – the dishes. He hates doing dishes.

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