10 Things You Don’t Know About Emma D’Arcy

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House of Dragon is one of those shows that hit the world out of nowhere. No one saw it coming, but it did what it was meant to do. The show-stopped everyone in their tracks, and it became a massive hit. The show is the prequel to Game of Thrones. The world knows what a success Game of Thrones ended up being, and bringing the prequel to life in 2020 was only natural.

The casting, much like it was in Game of Thrones, is beyond stellar, and it’s giving some relatively unknown actors and actresses a household name. Any good show can turn a good actor or actress into a major star, and that’s exactly what House of Dragon is doing for Emma D’Arcy, who was already talented and doing big things before this show aired. Who is Emma D’Arcy, and what is there to know about the House of Dragon Star?

1. Emma D’Arcy is a Non-Binary

The first thing you should know about Emma D’Arcy is that this person is non-binary. This is a person who does not believe he or she identifies as either gender. D’Arcy does not believe that they identify as either a woman or a man, so they prefer to use pronouns such as they and them when discussing their life. We will do the same from this point forward.

2. They Are a 90s Kid

Growing up in the 90s was the best. Emma D’Arcy didn’t get to experience all of their childhood growing up in the 90s because they were born on June 27, 1990; it was really those born in the 80s who grew up the most during the 90s. However, D’Arcy did get to experience childhood in a decade that was way more fun than it is now.

3. D’Arcy is From England

Like many stars who participate in the Game of Thrones and House of Dragon franchises, D’Arcy is English. They were born in the Borough of Enfield, which is located in North London. They went to school, made friends, and applied for college there.

Credit: @emmaziadarcy

4. D’Arcy Was Always Interested in the Entertainment Industry

They were cast in A Midsummer Night’s Dream in high school, the first acting role they took on. It was a stellar introduction to the entertainment world and stuck in their minds. Following that, the star took part in the theater world. During their time at college, D’Arcy and their friends were all part of a theater group.

5. D’Arcy Was More of a Behind the Scenes Theater Person

What might shock you, however, is that D’Arcy was not a leading person in the theater. Rather, they spend time working behind the scenes and enjoying it. D’Arcy was a set designer for a time and even worked in the directing area of the theater. It was a while before the acting part took over, and that is where the game changed for this young star.

6. D’Arcy Struggles With Certain Scenes

Any good actor or actress will tell you that certain things they film take a rather deep toll on their personality. For D’Arcy, it was the second time their character in House of Dragons goes through labor. Their character is forced to give birth prematurely, alone, and on her own, to a stillborn baby while struggling with everything life has thrown at her. D’Arcy said getting into the mindset to do this and to go through this horrible scene was difficult and challenging, and it took a toll.

7. D’Arcy is a Meme

It all happened so quickly that they didn’t have time to process it right away. D’Arcy’s co-star asked them what their favorite cocktail was, and D’Arcy answered. They prefer a Negroni with a splash of prosecco in it, and suddenly the world took notice. The entire thing became a meme, and D’Arcy said that while they’re glad the drink is being recognized, the entire thing is so exciting to their mom more than anyone else. Their mom is so happy they are a meme. Moms are the best.

Credit: @emmaziadarcy

8. They Hot Glued Hair to Their Head

When it came time to audition for the role in House of Dragons, D’Arcy knew they needed some hair. So, they hot glued hair onto their head to try for the role. They thought they did a stellar job, but they were also not entirely shocked to find out that the hair-hot gluing was not the best job they’ve ever done. They still landed the role, though, so that counts.

9. They Don’t Google Their Show

The Game of Thrones is famous for taking dark topics and situations and airing them to the world. House of Dragon is doing the same, which means D’Arcy cannot just Google things and read the opinions of others. They keep a distance from the show and the reviews because it is not always easy to read the thoughtless words of others.

10. They Are Working Diligently on Their New Reality

D’Arcy was catapulted into massive stardom the moment their first scene aired, and it’s an absolute transition. “I only realized very recently that at no point had I been able to take a long view at what was ahead because it’s unimaginable until you’ve done it. It was a bit like playing Frogger – jumping as and when you’re required to,” said the star of their newfound fame.

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