10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tron Austin

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tron Austin

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tron Austin

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you know who Chilli is. She’s the singer from the wildly famous group TLC, who sang songs such as “No Scrubs,” and “Waterfalls,” and made history with so much talent and so many hit songs. Their group is one that suffered a horrible tragedy with the loss of one of their own, Lisa Left Eye Lopes, who was killed in a tragic accident in 2002. The world was shaken to its core, but the remaining women held strong. Chilli, who is known to her friends and family as Rozonda Thomas, is a grown woman with a family of her own, and her son Tron Austin has been in the press recently because of his own personal life. Who is he?

1. He is an Only Child

He is his mother’s only child. She was dating a producer when she was only 20. His name is Dallas Austin. She ended up pregnant at the time, but her pregnancy was not on her list of things to do and she went through with an abortion that she later admitted she regrets horribly. When she became pregnant a second time, she decided she wanted a baby more than anything, and Tron was born. This was 1997.

2. His Parents Did Not Stay Together

By the time he was only around four, his parents had split and his mother was dating a famous singer by the name of Usher Raymond. The celebrity duo was together for two years before breaking up. She came out and said that Usher cheated on her, and she will not be with him again. He said that he did not cheat.

3. He is Engaged

He is now 24, and he is also going to be a husband. He proposed to his girlfriend of four years on Valentine’s Day, and she gave him the answer he wanted to hear. The couple is now engaged, and his mother also shared the exciting news on her own social media following his own announcement. Congratulations all around.

4. He is Following His Parent’s Footsteps

He’s a man who knows what he wants to do with his life. He is in the music industry just like his mother and his father. He is a drummer, an artist, and he is a producer on top of being a songwriter. He is killing it, and he is happy with the way his life is turning out at this point.

5. He Already Took a Big Step

Earlier in 2021, he and his lady love took another big step in their life when they’d been together around 3 years. They found a house for themselves, and they officially moved in, together, and they started a new chapter of their lives. It’s such an exciting time.

6. He Appreciates His Fiance

He regularly shows his love and affection for her on his social media accounts, but he also makes sure to point out that she is one good woman – and that one good one is better than 1,000 not-so-good ones. He appreciates what she brings to their relationship, and they do seem very happy together.

7. He’s an Optimist

If there is anything that we can say about this young man, it’s that he is an eternal optimist. He is not letting anything get to him, drag him down, or allow him to see the world in any manner other than as a good place. He’s adaptable, he is good with whatever comes his way, and he is always happy to find the positive in a situation.

8. He’s a Dog Dad

He and his then-girlfriend made themselves dog parents when they were together for two years. They got a dog, they named him Simba, and they host a little doggie birthday party for their pit bull when he is celebrating his own birth. Their pup is a cutie.

9. He Loves the Simple Things

Too many people his age are too focused on what is bigger and better and happening next rather than what is good and happy and right in front of them at the moment. While he is always working on his future, he is a young man who also appreciates the right here and the right now. When he and his now-fiance celebrated their second anniversary, they did so in the Blue Ridge mountains of Georgia in a treehouse and a yurt, and he was so happy to get to spend time focused on what is good and simple and easy in his life.

10. He has a Following

With more than 124k followers on his Instagram page, Tron Austin has a huge following. He is sharing his new music, his new endeavors, photos of himself with his fiancé, and their dog on his ‘gram grid regularly, and his fans eat it up.Usher Raymond

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