Will Michael Myers Finally Die In Halloween Ends?

Will Michael Myers Finally Die In Halloween Ends?

Will Michael Myers Finally Die In Halloween Ends?

Any horror movie fan should agree that masked killer Michael Myers is one of the most terrifying villains of the genre. I mean, how can you possibly disagree? Once you hear that iconic theme music play, you instantly think about the masked maniac casually walking around a dark neighborhood. That’s probably what makes him scarier than any other horror movie villain. He never runs or shows any kind of emotion. When he’s after his prey, he’ll walk like he’s going for a stroll in the park. Most often, he’ll be wielding a regular kitchen knife to kill his victims, but he actually doesn’t need anything. Michael Myers is a walking hurricane of destruction that can’t be stopped. And what’s under that blank mask? Based on the brief glimpse we got in the first Halloween, just an ugly, deformed face. You have to wonder where that came from.

Well, in the upcoming Halloween Ends, we just might get that. If you ask me, it’s about time. How many times can this franchise tease how the maniac looks without the mask? In the 2018 reboot, we saw another glimpse of what he really looks like. By then, he was incarcerated for many years and he has aged. The new Michael Myers has the appearance of an old man with a large scar over one of his eyes. And guess what? He’s still just as hard to kill. If you’ve seen the last Halloween movie, you’ll remember how it ended.

To be honest, it was rather frustrating. I mean, if you’re leading a sizable mob and you have Michael Myers surrounded, why would you hesitate so much to beat him to death? Granted, he’s beyond scary, but come on, they basically allowed him to keep recovering. And in the end, it didn’t even matter. He would eventually overpower the mob, somehow sneak his way around the rest of the townsfolk and into his house, and supposedly kill Laurie’s daughter. A little anti-climactic, ain’t it?

Well, that’s why we’ll be getting the “final” installment of the Halloween franchise, titled Halloween Ends. As the name implies, the curse of Michael Myers will finally be coming to an end. At least that’s what the title implies. The teaser trailer was recently released and the biggest standout was the masked maniac fighting Laurie in a brutal hand-to-hand battle. Boy, that first fight they had in the 2018 movie was a brutal one and the ending of that movie seemingly teased the end of the masked killer. But of course, Michael Myers couldn’t die so easily.

Since this next installment is apparently where it all ends, it makes me wonder something. The teaser trailer emphasized on the enmity between Laurie and the masked killer himself. It honestly wasn’t enough to get me super pumped for Halloween Ends, but I am still curious. No pun intended, but I am very anxious to wonder how it will really end. Laurie has spent most of her life preparing herself for the inevitable confrontation with Michael Myers and so far, she has been on the losing side. She has lost her friends, her family, and apparently her daughter in this never-ending battle with her archenemy. And what’s worse is that this enemy is seemingly impossible to kill.

So if this is truly the end, then that would imply that the invincible Michael Myers just might meet his end. But hold on, we’ve seen just about everything happen to this guy. He’s been stabbed, shot, hit with big cars, and that was only in the movies that are canon. What more can Laurie possibly do to finally put an end to this psychopaths reign of terror? It just might end with both of them dying. Heck, maybe that has been the only way to stop him all along? That sounds weird, but then again, I’m still trying to figure out the secret behind the immortality of Michael Myers.

Will Halloween Ends finally reveal what makes this guy so freaking hard to kill? Is he really some kind of supernatural being? That explanation does seem somewhat plausible, given everything that he’s survived through. But in the 2018 sequel, we have seen that he does age and he has the appearance of an old man. Heck, we even saw him as a kid when he committed his first murder. So he can age, at least in appearance, but is there something more supernatural behind this mysterious figure? That’s always been a popular theory surrounding the character, but the most recent movies have seemingly contradicted that.

For all we know, Halloween Ends could confirm this theory. Then again, the mystery behind Michael Myers is what makes him so intriguing. Unlike other horror movie killers like Jason or Freddy Krueger, we really don’t know much about the past of Michael Myers. Okay, so maybe you can talk about those two Rob Zombie movies, but it’s probably better if we don’t. Jeez, talk about overkill. The character was never terrifying because he turns everything into a slaughterhouse. What really made him scary was the way he stalked his prey, gave them the feeling that someone was watching them, and would eventually move in for the kill. Only in the most recent movies was he the killer who went overboard. That’s just not the same thing.

If this really is the last Halloween movie, then we’ll probably see him go more overboard than ever. And when he comes across Laurie one last time, just imagine how bloody that will be. In the trailer alone, he almost put her hand in a garbage disposal. That’s only a taste of what we’ll be getting of the final battle between Michael Myers and Laurie. It has to end some time. And this should be the time we get that crystal clear look at his face. Because why not? If Halloween Ends just keeps teasing what he looks like, then it would honestly be pointless.

Just show us what Michael Myers really looks like and have Laurie kill him when he’s not wearing it. In fact, they can both kill each other while the two of them exchange one final death glare. I’ll bet money that’s how it will all end. No pun intended. What are your thoughts, Halloween fans? Do you think Michael Myers will finally die? We’ll find out soon.Halloween

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