Should Halloween Ends Be The Final Film In The Franchise?

Should Halloween Ends Be The Final Film In The Franchise?

Should Halloween Ends Be The Final Film In The Franchise?

In 2018, Halloween revitalized a franchise that was pretty much on life support. It wisely brought back Jamie Lee Curtis and scrapped all the confusing mythology that the series tried to introduce in the sequels. The reboot has made a killing at the box office; however, the franchise is supposed to reach a conclusion with Halloween Ends, which is set to hit theaters in October of this year. However, given the amount of money that the franchise has made with the previous two films, does anyone truly expect Halloween Ends to be the final film in the franchise? Remember, Hollywood is a business first and foremost, so it’s there’s more money to be milked from this brand then they’ll likely do it. The true question is, can there be more stories squeezed out of this brand.

Maybe. The problem with the franchise is that it’s pretty much the Michael Myers show. When you think of a Halloween movie then you pretty much think about Michael Myers. There was an opportunity to branch out and possibly do an anthology-type series where the murders occur on that special night, but since the series has only focused on Michael Myers, then it’s too late to explore that notion. However, it is time to put the character of Michael Myers to rest as there’s really nowhere to go with him. What was a mysterious and intriguing figure back in 1978, has now become a tiresome and invincible monster. Michael has been shot, stabbed, and burned and yet he’s still alive! The serial killer could get his head cut clean off in Halloween Ends and the executives could still find a way to bring him back. It’s time to breathe new life in the franchise, should it continue. Killing off Michael Myers is the best solution for the final chapter of the Myers/Strode saga. However, should another sequel be released, then a new killer should emerge in place of Michael.

Perhaps it’s an offspring of the murderous brute? We don’t know much about Michael’s past, especially the time period before his return. Maybe he has offspring and he takes revenge on the Strode family? I know that this story has been played out many times before, but it at least introduces a new element that’s desperately needed in the Halloween saga. The Halloween franchise needs something fresh and new.  Otherwise, what’s exactly the point of another Halloween entry? Obviously, money, but executives have to understand that sometimes its better to just leave properties alone. Paramount is learning this the hard way after tarnishing the legacy of the Terminator franchise. Despite the box office failure of Terminator: Dark Fate, there’s still talk that the series will continue in the future.

Instead of continuously banking off of franchises, why not take a risk on original properties. Of course, this solution isn’t as black and white as it seems, but it’s time to move on from the world of Halloween. How exactly is the next film going to be different if Michael Myers is back to his stalking and killing ways? Will it be in outer space? Or in the hood? Or under the sea where Aquaman’s resides? There’s really nothing there because filmmakers have built-up Michael to such invincible lengths that it’ll be hard to take the next protagonist not named Laurie Strode seriously. Plus, Michael Myers is the star of these films. Does anyone truly believe that the filmmakers would kill the star of this franchise if a reboot is confirmed?

There’s no way Michael Myers won’t be in the reboot. You can’t flip the franchise on the prospective of Laurie. Sure, it can be a revenge thing as previously mentioned, but what happens if Laurie kills him/her too. Or in vice versa. What motive is necessary for the Halloween saga to continue? It’s not just the characters, but the storyline is beyond stale. If Myers’s personality was reminiscent of Freddy Kreuger then it’s possible to continue making films with fresh jokes coming from a charismatic performer, but there’s only so much you can do with a silent giant. Halloween Ends should be the final venture into this world. It was definitely fun while it lasted, but executives need to move on and create new content that could potentially turn into a franchise. Let’s hope Laurie Strode finally gets her due by killing Michael Myers once and for all. It would be a great payoff for fans who have stuck with the franchise from the beginning, and it tells them that their time and investment is indeed valuable.

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