That’s Interesting: Jamie Lee Curtis Wants to Play the Devil

That’s Interesting: Jamie Lee Curtis Wants to Play the Devil

That’s Interesting: Jamie Lee Curtis Wants to Play the Devil

Jamie Lee Curtis has done a lot in her time as an actress and it’s fair to state that she’s been good at the majority of it with a few flops now and then that a lot of fans won’t hold against her. In one of the more notable roles that she’s played, Laurie Strode, she’s been coming back time and again to take on Michael Myers in an apparently unending battle that Michael might finally win because he’s just that unstoppable and isn’t bound to be taken down by anything less than a magical attack that the humans of his universe don’t possess. But it would appear that Curtis is interested in taking on another role that has to do with the supernatural as it’s been mentioned that The Exorcist is about to start up again, which could be interesting or kind of hard to swallow as a lot of people are in agreement that the last attempts at reviving this franchise didn’t go so well. The last attempt wasn’t really that bad, to be honest, but it did feel a bit forced, though it’s easy to think that it deserves some respect.  It does sound as though Curtis is quite good at altering her voice to suit her needs, which is something that a lot of people might not have known to begin with since the truth is that she’s usually done just with her acting and has never really come off as a voice actor of any kind. But it’s not too hard to think that she could pull this off if she’s really that good.

Plus, the voice of the devil in The Exorcist is kind of an important role since it’s something that takes a good deal of precedence given the fact that if the next round of Exorcist movies will be headed back to the drawing board to write things up in the same manner, it might be made clear that her voice is one of those that can be beneficial if it’s run through a few filters.  Thinking that Jamie’s normal voice could make this happen is kind of hard to do since, well, listening to her makes it that way. She has a very nice voice most times that is pleasant to listen to, especially when it becomes amorous in several movies. It’s true that she can play the sultry part quite well, just as she can play the part of the housewife, the clueless mother, the hardworking, no-nonsense individual that can tell a person what’s what, or even the calm and reasonable individual that just wants to be left alone. She’s taken on the role of Laurie Strode so many times that she definitely has the person with PTSD down, but the voice of the devil would be something else that Jamie would need to really focus on since unless there are going to be some heavy filters being used it might not work quite as well as people are thinking it would.

It’s believed by some that this will work and it very well could given what can be done with various devices at this time. A person’s voice could be made to sound like just about anything these days, but imagining Curtis’s voice being turned into something demonic is kind of intriguing.  There have been a lot of things that people have thought couldn’t happen in the movies, but time and again those ideas of what can and can’t be done have been challenged and usually overcome since the ability of those that work behind the scenes are usually quite extensive and are able to go above and beyond to create effects that people might not have expected. In this case, it’s bound to happen once The Exorcist movies start rolling out again, especially since there’s no reason to think that Jamie couldn’t do this, no matter that it might not sound like her at all. If I had a nickel for every movie fact that I’ve uncovered on my own in the past several years while traversing the internet I’d likely be a very wealthy individual, so Jamie Lee Curtis taking on the role of the devil in The Exorcist, if it happens, won’t be anything that surprising.  In fact, I hope she does get it since it’s already fun to think of what she’ll sound like when the effect is finally put out there for people to listen to. She’s been a part of the horror genre for so long that it makes a lot of sense to keep her in the loop and give her something else to do, especially if she wants to do it. On top of that, it’s something different from what she’s been doing for so long, so it’s another way to stretch her talents even further. 

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