Why The Gossip Girl Reboot Doesn’t Live Up To The Original

Gossip Girl

Over the last several years, reboots of shows from the 90s and early 2000s have become increasingly popular. Unfortunately, however, not all of these reboots can compare to the originals that we all fell in love with. HBO Max’s Gossip Girl is the latest remake to suffer from this problem. The series, which debuted in the summer of 2021, takes the concept of the original series and brings it into the present day. This time, however, the person behind Gossip Girl isn’t a mystery and there seems to be even more drama. On the surface, these changes may seem like improvements, but the way they’re executed doesn’t always work. To be fair, though, the Gossip Girl reboot isn’t a bad show. But when compared to the first version, there are a few things that make it less interesting. Let’s talk about why the Gossip Girl reboot doesn’t live up to the original.

1. Teachers Being Gossip Girl Is Just Weird

One of the biggest changes in the new version of Gossip Girl is that instead of being a blog, Gossip Girl is an Instagram account. This change makes sense because Instagram resonates much more with today’s audiences than a blog would. Another major change, however, is the fact that the Gossip Girl account is run by teachers instead of a student. Most people would probably agree that a group of teachers conspiring to run an Instagram account that pits students against each other is a little ridiculous. Sure, stranger things have happened – but within the context of the show, it’s actually kind of cringey. Granted, Dan being Gossip Girl in the original didn’t make much sense either, but it made a lot more sense than a bunch of overly invested teachers spending time writing social media posts about their students.

2. No Appearances From The Original Stars

One of the biggest downsides about the reboot is that none of the original stars have been in the show. On top of that, it seems like none of them were even that excited when they heard that the show was being re-made. Of course, it’s not always necessary for the original stars to be in reboots, but since the new Gossip Girl is set in the exact same place, it only makes sense.

3. Not Enough Time Has Passed Since The Original

The new Gossip Girl premiered less than a decade after the original series ended. Most people would probably agree that nine years off the air isn’t really long enough for a show to need a reboot. It’s unclear why HBO Max chose to bring the show back now but waiting a few more years probably would’ve made more sense. In all honesty, though, it doesn’t seem like anyone was really asking for a Gossip Girl reboot in the first place. That fact is actually the core of what’s wrong with the show.

4. The Reboot Takes Itself A Little Too Seriously

The original Gossip Girl had a certain campy quality to it that was part of what made it fun to watch. The new version, however, is much more serious which many viewers feel has ruined the essence of the show. Of course, however, a lot has changed in the years since the original Gossip Girl aired, so a little social commentary is to be expected. However, the fact that the new Gossip Girl takes itself so seriously has definitely taken away some of its charm. Some people may not see this as a bad thing, though.

5. The Reboot Feels Rushed

When Gossip Girl ended in 2012, network TV dominated the airwaves. These days, however, it’s all about streaming. The fact that the new Gossip Girl was released on a streaming service has significantly changed the way the story is told. For example, the first season of Gossip Girl had 18 episodes. After the first season, the original Gossip Girl regularly consisted of more than 20 episodes per season. However, that won’t be realistic for a show on a streaming service. The first season of the reboot was only 12 episodes which gave far less time for the story and the character to be developed. It also resulted in lots of storylines being crammed into a small amount of time.

6. The Characters Are A Little Less Iconic

One of the things that made the original Gossip Girl so iconic was the fact that it had several unforgettable characters. Although the reboot tries to regain this magic, it simply doesn’t happen. The new characters were clearly inspired by the originals, but they almost seem like watered-down versions. That, however, is in no way meant to discredit any of the actors in the reboot.

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