6 Reasons Why the Gossip Girl Reboot Falls Short of the Original

Gossip Girl

In recent years, reboots of beloved 90s and early 2000s shows have surged in popularity. However, not all of them manage to capture the magic of their original counterparts. HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot is the latest to fall victim to this trend. Premiering in the summer of 2021, the series attempts to modernize the original concept, but some changes fall flat. While not a terrible show, the reboot lacks the charm and intrigue of the original. Here are six reasons why the Gossip Girl reboot doesn’t live up to its predecessor.

1. Teachers as Gossip Girl: A Bizarre Twist

In the reboot, Gossip Girl evolves from a blog to an Instagram account, a change that resonates with contemporary audiences. However, the decision to have teachers run the account instead of a student is a peculiar choice. The idea of educators orchestrating student drama through social media is not only far-fetched but also cringe-worthy. While Dan being Gossip Girl in the original wasn’t perfect, it was more plausible than a group of teachers engaging in such behavior.

2. The Absence of Original Stars

A significant drawback of the reboot is the lack of appearances from the original cast. Furthermore, none of them seemed particularly thrilled about the show’s revival. While original stars aren’t always necessary for reboots, their presence would have made sense given the shared setting.

3. Insufficient Time Gap Between the Original and Reboot

With less than a decade between the original series’ conclusion and the reboot’s premiere, it’s debatable whether a revival was necessary. HBO Max’s decision to bring back the show now is puzzling, and waiting a few more years might have been more appropriate. In fact, it’s unclear if anyone was clamoring for a Gossip Girl reboot at all, which is at the heart of the show’s issues.

4. The Reboot’s Overly Serious Tone

The original Gossip Girl embraced a campy, fun-loving quality that made it enjoyable to watch. In contrast, the reboot adopts a more serious tone, which some viewers believe detracts from the show’s essence. While societal changes since the original aired warrant some social commentary, the reboot’s solemn approach has diminished its charm for many fans.

5. A Rushed Reboot

When Gossip Girl ended in 2012, network TV reigned supreme. Today, streaming services dominate the landscape, which has impacted the reboot’s storytelling. The original series often had over 20 episodes per season, allowing for ample character and plot development. However, the reboot’s first season consists of only 12 episodes, resulting in a rushed narrative with crammed storylines.

6. Less Memorable Characters

The original Gossip Girl boasted unforgettable characters that contributed to its iconic status. While the reboot attempts to recapture this magic, it falls short. The new characters, though inspired by the originals, feel like diluted versions of their predecessors. This observation is not meant to discredit the reboot’s talented cast, but rather to highlight the difficulty of recreating the original’s unique character dynamics.

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