There’s Still Hope for a Santa Clarita Diet Season 4

Santa Clarita Diet has the distinction of being a very different zombie show that managed to capture the attention of a lot of fans that would be highly interested in another season, perhaps to cap things off or maybe just to give at least a little closure while deciding whether it should continue forward. It certainly wouldn’t hurt the careers of those that are involved since it’s been one of the many shows that people would like to see continued. On top of that, the fact that there are different types of zombies makes it even more interesting since the typical idea of a zombie is a human that’s been infected with a virus that kills them and in the process turns them into a flesh-eating monster that has no other thought but to feed and thereby kill anything or anyone that’s in its way. Of course, some zombie stories tend to show that zombies will kill anything living, while others show them going after humans specifically without bothering other living creatures. Plus, has anyone ever noticed that the virus usually doesn’t affect anything but humans? In Resident Evil it was seen to affect crows that fed on dead flesh, but maybe scavenger species are something different that don’t necessarily get a pass like so many other creatures that might refuse to eat dead flesh. Who knows?

Back to the subject at hand though, it does sound as though Santa Clarita Diet could be making a comeback for another season if things go well, which could help with the cliffhanger ending that season 3 went out with. The fact that Joel was willing to give himself over to being a zombie to spend the rest of his life with Sheila is touching and all but it does mean that he’s soon going to have the same issue of needing to feed on fresh victims after a while, which is risky no matter who’s doing it since the idea of getting caught is something that’s always in the forefront of a person’s mind. The fact that some zombies go nuts in this series is kind of interesting, but at the same time, it’s added to the challenge of the show and likely to why people are so ready to see another season. It does sound that if another season is to happen that Netflix needs to be convinced that it will be worth the effort since a show that isn’t going to attract enough attention isn’t something that they’ll be willing to continue, as it’s been seen with several other shows that have been given the ax in recent years.

One issue with this show is how to keep it interesting and still keep it plausible when it comes to the storyline since one way or another it does sound as though Sheila and Joel would be caught after a while since a zombie outbreak or case of missing persons could be kind of hard to avoid. So far the show has done a great job of keeping things as neat and tidy as they can be, relatively speaking, but a season four might need to be where it all comes to a head if it’s given that chance. Zombie movies usually only go so far before they’re played out and the same can be said for TV shows that feature the same content. The Walking Dead and even Fear The Walking Dead are good examples of this since eventually there’s too much of the same storyline that keeps happening and at some point the story has to go so far out of bounds that a lot of fans end up disappointed since they can’t really follow the progression, while some of them don’t want to since it just doesn’t make that much sense to them. But with this show, it does feel as though there should be more story to tell, but how much more of it will be feasible and how much of it will be the kind of material that fans are willing to sit through is questionable. There’s no denying that the cast has been great since getting the type of actors that can draw people to a show is important, but if the story isn’t there then it’s already DOA.

The good thing is that there does appear to be enough of a story to go forward with, it’s just a matter if people are ready and willing to see it and if it’s going to be worthwhile for Netflix to actually say yes. If it does happen then there will be a lot of satisfied fans, and if not, well, we’ll get on with our lives and agree that it was a different type of show that was popular while it lasted. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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