Theory: As Above So Below and The Ninth Gate Could Exist in the Same Universe

Theory: As Above So Below and The Ninth Gate Could Exist in the Same Universe

Theory: As Above So Below and The Ninth Gate Could Exist in the Same Universe

Looking at these two movies one might utter a dismissive snort and state that they have nothing in common, but the truth is that they have more in common than people might want to admit. The most obvious fact is that both movies have something to do with the occult since the group in As Above So Below go in search of the Philosopher’s Stone and encounter various supernatural forces that appear intent on punishing or torturing them, while in The Ninth Gate, Johnny Depp’s character, Dean Corso, is seeking to authenticate a book supposedly written by the devil. One might say that they’re worlds apart since one is about a search for a book and one is at the core about the search for truth, even if it was initially about the search for an artifact, which leaves at least part of the audience wondering if the main character is telling the truth. There is a link that could unite them, though with so many years separating the two stories, The Ninth Gate was released in 1999 to very little fanfare as was noted by critics. But stating that As Above So Below has a cult following would be kind of a stretch as well. 

But the fact that both movies did occur in Paris, briefly for TNG, is kind of an easy link to make even if their release dates are so far apart. It could be a link that might take a while to make, but the fact that supernatural happenings and the occult are involved it feels fair to say that they’re opposite events that might have a common core, especially given that when it comes to anything dealing with hell, things can happen in supposedly random locations and yet still be tied to the same source. It’s a stretch, but it’s an interesting idea all the same since it could work. 

Perhaps by obtaining the final engraving that he’d been seeking in 1999, Corso opened the Ninth Gate and summoned something that was waiting to come through. Or perhaps he didn’t do this and backed out of it. Or maybe he became an avatar of sorts that put several events into motion that would eventually bring the world to heel, which would mean that AASB would be merely a side effect that might not have happened if not for Corso’s actions. There are several different paths such a story could go down without being too cheesy or too ridiculous, but it would be a story that one would have to take care with, mainly because it’s a bit fantastical and could easily go off the rails and become another horror comedy that could sink or float. There are so many different story ideas out there that one can’t help but think of the many different ways that might be used to bring them to life, and these two movies are filled with ideas and a common thread that might be able to bring something great to life if someone had enough ambition and, of course, permission to make it happen. It could easily be a joint project that would bring both stories together despite the decade and a half that separates them. 

There probably isn’t enough interest to make it happen, even though there’s interest in stories that are far less interesting and ridiculous, but oh well. It’s fun to think that someone might one day come along with an idea for a scrip that might incorporate these two ideas and make something of them that could turn into an epic or at the very least a fun story that might be engaging enough to bring to the big screen or a streaming service. It might also be interesting to see if the original actors could be involved, perhaps for a cameo or the main part. But until that interest is generated it’s safe to say that the link between these two movies is something that will be a personal desire since both movies are great in their way but do come up short when it comes time to deliver on their main premise. This was the issue with TNG since it continually builds to a crescendo that, when it comes, is kind of ho-hum and doesn’t do much to keep the audience engaged.  To say that there’s a lot of potential within each story is obvious since both movies have a very enticing premise that managed to draw in more than enough people to make them noticeable. But the sad truth is that both movies kind of dropped off after a while since the audience wasn’t shocked, titillated, or thrilled enough to remember them that well. Maybe by finding a way to link them that could be changed, or maybe it’s best just to leave this theory alone. It might be interesting though. 

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